Joe Girardi Needs to Listen to Beat Writers More, Says Beat Writer

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First year Yankees manager Joe Girardi encountered only a few wicked barbs and arrows in guiding his team to a disappointing third place finish. Most folks spent their time blaming A-Rod for the Yankees' inability to win more than 55% of their games and groaning at every dumb statement Hank Steinbrenner made trying to inspire his team to win. Still, the Yankees beat writers took some umbrage with Girardi's practice of keeping team issues private, including injuries to folks like Joba Chamberlain. New York Post columnist Joel Sherman is sad and offended that Girardi would do such a thing!

After claiming that he would never meet with Girardi in a one-on-one session because he, Joel Sherman, believes in the sanctity of the media covering a subject without their own input, he suggests this crazy shit:

Nevertheless, if I ran the Yanks I would advise Girardi to meet individually with the nine beat reporters who travel regularly with the team and take seriously the complaint that his initial instinct to deceive hurts not only his relationship with the media, but also with a) players who find themselves in informational conflict with their manager; and b) the fans, who get less than forthright insights from the manager. And, by the way, this is not just on the subject of injuries, though Girardi and the Yankees think it is.

Sorry, Joel. Baseball is a business and not subject to the 96th Amendment to the Joel Sherman Constitution that states that "base-ball managers must entertain the members of the press who cover their base-ball teams and their selfish theories on how to make the base-ball team better and more fun to write about because going to the playoffs is fun and sells copy". The 97th Amendment, of course, reads "except Joel Sherman because I respect the distance between a reporter and his subject but please can I get this ball autographed for my kid?"

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Mr. Sherman, if you ran the Yankees, would you talk to yourself?

If Girardi listened to the damn beat-writers, he'd have traded A-Rod for "gamer" Casey Blake straight up before the trade deadline, and the Yankees would have been shoe-ins for the title.

A-Rod : 153 OPS+, .323 EqA, 8.9 WARP1, good defense by most statistical measures.

Captain Selfless : 105 OPS+, .275 EqA, 4.4 WARP1, horribly shitty defense by any quantifiable system in the known galaxy.

Amount of good pitchers on Yankees' staff : 2.

Reason Yankees lose : A-Rod.

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