John McCain Confuses Role of President of the U.S. with Role of Network Boss

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Crusty old maverick and reformer John McCain said something very maverick-y. I know! What are the chances? While campaigning in Hershey, PA on his last gasp "The Only True America Tour" across the Keystone State, he sassed his opponent Barack Obama with the line, "No one will delay the World Series with an infomercial when I'm president!"

Obama, of course, has purchased thirty minutes of tee-vee time tonight at 8PM, delaying the 'restart' of World Series Game Five on FOX. That's the kind of thing presidential candidates can do when they raise $150 million in a single month: delay the start of a baseball game by fifteen measly minutes. Meanwhile, the McCain campaign has announced plans to for Cindy McCain to appear on the Quacker Factory with Jeanne Bice on QVC tomorrow night at 2:30AM.

But really, Senator McCain, what part of the U.S. Constitution allows the executive branch of the government to tell the broadcast networks or the assorted major sports leagues what time they need to start their games? And after all, you're just a hypocrite anyway:

In fact, McCain's own convention speech this summer forced a change in the start time of the NFL's season opener, which started an hour and a half earlier to accommodate McCain's speech.

If anything, that speaks to the flexibility of the NFL in comparison to baseball. It also speaks to the desperation of a Presidential candidate who is pandering to fans who are frustrated by 48-hour-long weather delays and not a fifteen-minute Obama delay.

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Meanwhile, Dennis Kucinich pre-empted the public access show "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer" for his speech.

I think the part of the Constitution that allows the executive branch to regulate television is Article Two. He's got the FCC. He could require them to show this video every hour if he wanted.

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Freetzy also failed to mention that the Senate must approve any FCC appointments. Checks and balances!

So the FCC won't let me be
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tried to shut me down on MTV
but it feels so empty without me

Rob, I thought Bush eliminated those. It was an attachment to a bill authorizing money for the National Park Service.

I certainly won't be getting any work done today, my brain swimming nonstop with impure thoughts of Jeanne Bice.

My troubling link-retardation escapade was really not worth the trouble. Sorry to waste your time, WoWers.

"That's the kind of thing presidential candidates can do when they raise $150 million in a single month"

That's easy to do when the money comes in illegally

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