Jurors in Terrorist Case Like the Phillies, Are Real Kidders

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In May 2007, the FBI arrested six men who were attempting to attack Fort Dix military base in South Jersey with assault weapons. This sounds far worse than it really is; the six men were basically bumbling idiots who couldn't have taken down a Wawa if they tried. Still, terrorism is no joke and these dudes are all in Federal Court facing severe weapons charges.

Today, the trial continues in a Camden County, NJ courthouse, just across the river from Philadelphia. Here's what happened this morning in this Very Serious Terrorism Case:

Thirteen of the 18 jurors and alternates wore shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts sporting the Philadelphia Phillies logo. The attorneys, judge and spectators laughed.

Hilarious! That's the perfect way to lighten up a trial of folks who conspired to kill U.S. soldiers! Best of all, the Phillie Phanatic was the jury foreman.

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That's jury phoreman, Rob.

A jury of your peers is easy to find in Camden provided you list your occupation as "crackwhore".

Still, terrorism is no joke

Q: What do you call a terrorist with only one finger?

A: Effective.

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