Looking Behind The Brisket Curtain: A Talk With Tom Hicks

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Our buddy Evan Grant got some choice quotes from Rangers/Liverpool owner Tom Hicks. They're his first comments since the season ended, and there are some doozies. Hey Rangers fans, sick of not making the playoffs? Disappointed in Hicks' 10 year reign of mediocrity? Take heart. He's... um... learning.

(Hicks) is convinced the Rangers are on a path for long-term success and he won't change plans.

"It's only taken me 10 years to learn," Hicks said. "Some people are slow learners, but I've definitely learned.

"I want us to be as good as we can possibly be without deviating from the plan," he said. "Sure we can [contend in 2009]. Just look at Tampa Bay. What were they thinking about this season? They were just thinking about getting better. I I think in 2009, 2010 and 2011 we are going to get better and better each year. We will have a better product on the field in 2009 than we did in 2008."

See? That's great news. You guys are going to the playoffs in 2011! Make your reservations now to see them take on defending AL Champs, The Las Vegas Orioles. Plenty of good rooms still available.

Hicks has never been one to "say the right thing." He's pretty much universally loathed by Liverpool fans for not really, you know, knowing anything about the team. But fear not, you acolytes of Arlington. He's got a plan in place that will impart a solid foundation in the Rangers system for years to come. It's part FDR and part Derek Zoolander and I'll let him explain it to you.

"Nolan is putting together the Nolan Ryan Philosophy of Pitching plan," Hicks said. "We're going to try to implement that throughout the system. Pitching has been an issue here for a long time. We've got an opportunity to change that."

Problem solved. Texas style.

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Pitching has been an issue here for a long time. We've got an opportunity to change that.

FINALLY, it's their opportunity to get better at pitching. They've waited so long, but the league just wouldn't let them.

@Honeynut - the league required all Rangers pitchers to either be less than 25 or over 35 years of age. Didn't you know that.
Oh, and they had to be at least 1/8th Asian.

Its gotta be at least.....3 times bigger!

Stay the course, Tom. Stay the course.

Glad Hicks finally understands the right way to build a baseball team. I’ll bet he could hardly watch John Danks the other night winning it for Chicago.

Hicks is the Al Davis of baseball. We can't win with him because of the personnel decisions he makes. How can he compare our humble squad to the Rays when they have at least 6 starting pitchers better than any one in our organization?

From late April to August, they were a great team. Four All-Stars---pretty awesome. The real baseball people know that good things are happening.

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