Massive Meteorological Move: MLB Says Game Will Resume Tomorrow

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A caller to the Ron & Fez radio show on Sirius/XM says that WIP Sports Radio in Philly is reporting that MLB is going to postpone the final three-and-a-half innings of Game Five of the World Series to Wednesday night. Take that fourth-hand news with a grain of salt, people.

UPDATE: is reporting it now and they're a reputable news source, so let's go ahead and call this an official postponement.

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So I do get to see House after all

I am going to do SO MUCH LAUNDRY tonight.

And maybe bake some cakies.

Ron & Fez use that same siren everytime a midget strippers takes a buttermilk bath in studio. WAKA WAKA WAKA.

Excellent. I will be at The Palm tonight eating a steak the size of a small child and tivoing the game, was worried someone would spoil it for me. Thank you, Bud, for taking care of your pal Wahoo.

...only after Barack finishes his prime time special. In the cooking segment, guest Bill Ayers is going to demonstrate the recipe for cakies he used to slip a file to Bernardine Dohrn when she was in jail.

/trying to prove I'm still hip by making cakies reference.

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