Mike Cameron Is Blowing It In The Wind

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Mike Cameron's near catch in yesterday's Brewers/Phils tilt led to 3 runs in the inning. I didn't actually see the catch, because I was at work, but thanks to the miracle that is an Iracane liveglog, I know it was ruled a double and I know it happened at 3:50. But in any case, don't blame Mike, because Dale Sveum sure aint. Blame your creator.

"The wind was doing God knows what out there," said the Brewers centerfielder.

"I cut across like it was going to go down but it kept rising," said Cameron. "My first instinct was that it was not going to travel, because of the way the wind was blowing. It just kind of took off."

"It turned out to be a pretty big play in the game," said Cameron.

"If it isn't caught, nobody can catch it except Mike Cameron," said Brewers interim manager Dale Sveum. "I never question anything he does in center field."

Hey, uh Coach? Mike is printing counterfeit money out in center on what appears to be a very time and labor intensive old fashioned press.

So what? It's Mike Cameron. I can't stop him.

Cameron has been around for years and is indeed a pretty good centerfielder. But Dale Sveum has been around baseball for decades and he thinks Cameron is the best center fielder he's ever seen? He thinks the only force more powerful than Mike Cameron is God? This man shouldn't be managing the Brewers, he should be the Republican VP candidate!

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I'm no Dale Sveum, but, in his prime, Cameron was the best defensive CF I've ever seen. And I'm old.

I read on KSK that God does indeed affect the outcomes of sporting events.
So, my Catholic upbringing leads me to belive that Mike Cameron masturbates too much.

Mike Cameron has bad skin and apparently exists in a slightly different dimension than the rest of us, where he is constantly being "stretched to fit" our puny, human visual field.

My maiden voyage on this site....thanks to a friend who dropped me the link. Very grateful that Catholic consequences on masterbation and different dimensions can be discussed right along Sabremetric equational reasonings.

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