Mild: Macha Manages Milwaukee

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News out of Milwaukee says the Brewers will announce Ken Macha as their new manager, possibly today. Make that paper stack, Kenny!

Macha had four decent years in Oakland, but is easily the least exciting hire out of the final four candidates for this job. He is the human equivalent of beige. But hey, he kind of looks like Joe Maddon, and Joe had a good year. So that's something.

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I haven't been this non-excited since MacNeil left the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour and it became the Lehrer NewsHour.

Lehrer's cold, dead eyes make him look like he's just taken a Muad'Dib-sized hit of "spice" while riding one of those weird sand worms.

Freetzy wins the Dennis Miller Memorial Obscure Reference of the Month prize.

Congrats Freetzy!

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