Morning Answers to Questions Nobody Asked

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Each morning during the playoffs, we'll attempt to answer some questions about the playoff games that absolutely nobody asked. This could be helpful and fun or this could be painful and uninformative. Either way, it's another listicle in the listicle-ful sportsblogosphere.

  • How sloppy was that game last night? Seriously, there were three errors and countless failures at the plate (most of 'em by the Phillies). I can't really point to a single star from the game last night because even winning pitcher James Shields allowed way too many baserunners to be considered anything but lucky. Perhaps the best executed play of the night was the safety squeeze RBI by Jason Bartlett and even that came after a failed suicide squeeze attempt that went foul. Yes, it was a close game but it was not a pretty game.

  • Who should Phillies fans be hanging in effigy this morning? Sorry, Jayson Werth, but your douchey facial hair and extraneous 'Y' in your first name can't save you now. You made your first error of the year in the first inning; that led to a Rays run. You went 1-for-5 at the plate with 2 K's and three men left on base. Sure, you threw out Rocco Baldelli at home to prevent a Rays run, but he returned the favor later and doubled you off first base on a liner.

  • Should Joe Buck and Tim McCarver be shown the door? David Brown posed this question at Big League Stew this morning and I can't help but chime in with my own opinion. I'll make it short, though: Joe Buck relies too much on creating gravitas and Tim McCarver tries too hard to make his color commentary didactic. Buck ends up failing to appreciate the game and shows absolutely zero joy, while McCarver only ends up confusing the viewer because half of the time, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Get rid of 'em.

  • Will they get Game Three in tomorrow night? The weather forecast says no. If Fat Al Roker is right, the game will be postponed to Sunday and Game Four will be postponed to Monday and my sister and her husband will need to find a new babysitter. They've got tix to Game Four.

  • Did you enjoy Tuffy's liveglog? I hope you were lucky enough to be at your computer last night; I wasn't but I caught up on the glog this morning and it was stupendous. Thanks, Tuffy!

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The liveglog was, in fact, awesome.

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