Morning Answers to Questions Nobody Asked

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Each morning during the playoffs, we'll attempt to answer some questions about the playoff games that absolutely nobody asked. This could be helpful and fun or this could be painful and uninformative. Either way, it's another listicle in the listicle-ful sportsblogosphere.

  • So did Jimmy Rollins get tagged out or not? Well, yes, Evan Longoria went wrist-deep to tag Rollins in a first inning run-down but third base ump Tim Welke called him safe. This is one of those "why don't have instant replay for every possible situation in baseball" moments, and you may be asking that same question right now. But don't forget, you didn't get to sleep until midnight last night; do you really want these games to go longer and longer? Which is more important to you, accurate baseball calls or your circadian rhythms?

  • Why would anyone ever throw a fastball to Ryan Howard? Granted, when Trever Miller gave up that ding-dong to Howard in the eighth inning, the game was well out of reach. But he threw an 85 MPH fastball right over the center of the plate and Howard attacked it as if it were a plateful of buttermilk pancakes doused in boysenberry syrup. The Phillies collected their fourth homer of the night, Howard's second, and their ninth tater tot of the series.

  • How horrible have Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena been? Four games may be a small sample size, but the two top offensive players on a World Series team just went hitless for four straight games. There's not much baseball left for the pair to make up time; with ace lefty Cole Hamels on the mound tonight seeking the clincher, the duo might prove to be the biggest offensive bust in World Series history.

  • What is Zelasko wearing? She looks like a California Raisin. That's a commenter-submitted question by Honeynut Ichiros from last night's liveglog. Seriously, Jeanne Zelasko's hair, makeup and outfit makes her look like a circus clown on a regular basis. And Eric Karros has a speech impediment. I'm not holding back here, people.

  • Who's making the cakies tonight? It's Game Five, it's Cole Hamels and Scott Kazmir, and it's another Walkoff Walk liveglog, dropping tonight at 8PM.

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"...biggest offensive bust in World Series history."

I still think Morganna owns that title.

There was nothing offensive about those funbags.

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