Morning Answers to Questions Nobody Asked

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Each morning during the playoffs, we'll attempt to answer some questions about the playoff games that absolutely nobody asked. This could be helpful and fun or this could be painful and uninformative. Either way, it's another listicle in the listicle-ful sportsblogosphere.

  • What was with all that wacky bunting last night? Jimmy Rollins made no bones about his sixth inning bunt that moved Jayson Werth to third. In his postgame interview, he basically said there was no way he would have swung away in that situation. Sure, the Phils scored the run, but what if Rollins had gotten an actual base hit? Isn't the chance of a big inning that much more important in the sixth, as opposed to the eighth? I'm not going to second guess Joe Maddon on the J.P. Howell bunt, because that's just cruel.

  • Did the voters get it right with the MVP award? Sure. Cole Hamels earned that thing for two stunningly great appearances in the World Series, but also earned some votes because of his entire playoff run. Kid nearly won two games, and no single position player added as much value as Hamels over the course of the World Series. Hopefully, he can take this sucker to the bank.

  • How huge was the Utley play? Utley made a web gem and Carlos Ruiz made a great tag, but that was really a baserunning gaffe by Jason Bartlett. I'm not even sure if Bartlett saw Utley pump-fake to first base, but it was a mistake for him to head home on that play.

  • What's next for the Phillies? Well, there's a parade on the horizon, but most importantly, there's a pinata that needs to be busted wide open.

  • What will become of Walkoff Walk in the offseason? It may be a long while before meaningful baseball games are played again, but baseball coverage at Walkoff Walk will not take a backseat for a second. We'll continue to write original material for you, cover free agent signings and trades, and maybe even throw some recipes your way. Morning Answers is done for now but tune in tomorrow for your first Hot Stove Update.

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Recipes? Hot Stove? I see what you did there.

Three big moves that must be made by the Phils in the offseason:
1. Give Hamels the long-term deal he deserves.
2. DON'T give a long-termer to Howard. Arbitration again, plz.
3. Avoid re-signing Pat Burrell. This should really be #1A.

Honeynut, send Burrell to the Giants. He and Molina can have a slow-off.

I miss baseball already.

So who gets to blather on about curses next year? The Royals?

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