Morning Answers to Questions Nobody Asked

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Each morning during the playoffs, we'll attempt to answer some questions about the playoff games that absolutely nobody asked. This could be helpful and fun or this could be painful and uninformative. Either way, it's another listicle in the listicle-ful sportsblogosphere.

Three baseball playoff games yesterday produced three winners and three losers. That's how it works, folks. The Brewers fell to the Phils 3-1 during afternoon play yesterday while the Red Sox toppled the Angels 4-1 late last night. In between, the Dodgers upset the Cubs, 7-2.

  • Which player most contributed to his team's win? Simple one to start. Cole Hamels allowed just three Brewers to reach base and struck out nine of 'em over eight innings of shutout ball. You can say that the Phillies got lucky on Utley's double that Cameron snowconed or that they barely survived the ninth, but Hamels easily wins the Most Bestest Player of Day One. Runner-up: James Loney (king dong).

  • Which player most contributed to the opponent's win? A little less simple. Still, when Ryan Dempster walked the bases loaded in the fourth before giving up a tetra tot to Loney, he basically looked like a schmuck with an ugly red beard. Kid ended up walking seven Dodgers in the game. I don't blame the Cubs faithful for showering him with a cavalcade of boos. Runner-up: Howie Kendrick (0-for-4, 6 LOB)

  • Which team that lost is in the least amount of trouble? The Angels may have lost home-field advantage but they're still playing a team that's beat up. They'll need to be patient against Dice-K on Friday night and that's tough for a team that finished with just a .330 OBP on the year.

  • Which team that won slept the best last night? The Dodgers really put themselves in a good position, taking a game on the road in dominant fashion. Best of all, they've got their best pitcher going tonight in Chad Billingsley. He might not be a groundballer like Lowe but he allowed just fourteen ding-dongs in 200 innings. If they can beat Zambrano today, it's lights out for Chi-town.

  • Which commercial is going to drive us the most insane? The T-Mobile ad where the father doesn't want his daughter talking to the gentleman with a mustache and a Mustang. I want that entire family to die in a nuclear attack.

Join us later today when we liveglog the White Sox and Rays at 2:30PM.

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Why can't she talk to Derek if her Dad can stare at some lady at the soccer game?


I have a question that you all can answer:
Do I risk the slight (1%)possibility of losing my job/getting busted by higher ups by leaving at 2:30 and going to watch the game - or - do I stay here, work for "the man" and follow the glog?

Jon Lester's start was almost as impressive as Hamel's. It's not that "simple."

And PaleHose, you leave man. You leave.

Rob's bed time is 9:00 so he missed Lester's start.

My bedtime is 10:30! I caught the first inning!


Definitely check out at 2. You're not getting fired for taking 3 random hours off of work.

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