Move The Cats, Leave The Relievers

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Here's a quick one to get your warm and fuzzies going before you head out into the abyss of your evening commute. Not being lost in the demolition of Shea Stadium are the stray cats that have escaped from local restaurants and made that hulking concrete eyesore home. Somebody tryin' to save em!

At least one cat lover wants the Mets to bring Shea Stadium's feral felines to their new home, Citi Field.

"They're part of Mets lore," said Bryan Kortis of Neighborhood Cats, a Manhattan rescue group. "So why not keep them around?"

Since the ballpark opened in 1964, strays have occasionally scampered across the field during games, including one legendary 1969 incident when a black cat pranced in front of the Chicago Cubs dugout. The Mets went on to beat the Cubs for the National League East division title and won the World Series.

Now officials say that there aren't more than one or two cats there, and still other longtime workers say the've seen any, but those people are clearly just cat haters. Like the health department, that told me it's impossible to keep these 27 cats in my studio apartment and feed them garbage. To you I say, CATS RULE AND DOGS DROOL GO METS.

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Written by Kris "CAT" Liakos

The kitties will enjoy noshing on the swank cheezburgers at new Citi field.

Wizard Cat gives that kitteh picture: 3 Wands.

Stray cats that close to Flushing? Won't be a problem for long.

Either Citi field is really small or those cats are ficken huge

All the local restos near Shea are Peruvian, not Korean, which means that any animal that escapes from them are most likely to be guinea pigs.

They only cook the guinea pigs for the first meal

I can has cheezburger?

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