My Eric Byrnes Pumpkin Smashed Itself Into a Million Pieces

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How bored are Diamondbacks fans right about now? Their favorite team is sitting out of the playoffs because they were simply too mediocre to overcome a slightly less mediocre Dodgers team and playoff baseball just doesn't have that same feel when it's still 95 degrees out at 7PM. Don't worry, Snakes supporters, you can still compete in postseason fun...just enter the Diamondbacks pumpkin carving contest!

Kids, carve a pumpkin that best represents the Diamondbacks team to enter the contest. No, drawing a sad face on a pumpkin with a Sharpie, sticking a butchers knife into the side, putting a note that says "YOU" on it and leaving it on Bob Melvin's porch is not going to help you win, but it's fun to try anyway.

A panel of D-backs judges will select a winner based on aesthetic value and use of D-backs branding. The winner will be featured on and receive an autographed D-backs jersey.

How exciting! They even provide a bunch of stencils to help you in carving your pumpkin! To help you help the Diamondbacks P.R. staff promote the Diamondback brand! Don't forget to make sure your Diamondbacks branding has aesthetic value because the Diamondbacks are going to reuse your contest entry in their own promotions! Employing fan participation is the cheapest labor of all! And what the heck is this thing!

(We owe some pumpkin-flavored Sprite to AZ Snakepit)

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I'm going to carve a bullet with butterfly wings on my pumpkin

Sorry, no David Eckstein gourds.

My Eric Byrnes pumpkin looks like AZ.

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