My Voice, Beamed Through The Heavens On Satellite Radio

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Do any of our readers have Sirius radio? Do we have any readers? If you answered yes to either of those questions tune in tonight at 9 to Hardcore Sports Radio, Sirius 98. I really hope Hardcore means music and not, well, you know. At the very least, maybe I'll just have to say "extreme" a lot.

Anyway, I'll be on something called Relentless Radio, so tune in to hear my duclet tones if you got the means.

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In the CTC drinking game, I call "Gazab!"

Also, about that "Car Talk" reference? Did you contribute to the pledge drive? If you listen to even one second and don't contribute, you're a thief. A common thief!

so tune in to hear my duclet tones

If I was a true friend, I'd go in and fix CTC's typo for him. Instead, I will sit tight and wait to hear him quack.

Great, now i have something to listen to while i choke myself.

I call it motivational fuel.

I just have XM, so I don't get Mountain Dew RadioBuzz, or whatever you'll be on tonight.


Hardcore Sports Radio? Never heard of it but it sounds like it involves anal.

How many times will CTC say taint?

"Extreme", won't cut it on Hardcore Sports Radio. Better go with "X-Treem to the Maxxx".


Hardcore Radio's mandate is swearing and gambling. Come with lines in mind. And curses. GAZAB!

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