Name This Mystery World Series Participant

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Gaslamp Ball digs up a baseball card of a certain participant in tonight's World Series Game Five. I've taken the liberty of cropping the picture and posting it to your left. Who is it?

No, it's not Matthew Modine. Name him, then head over to Gaslamp Ball to see if your guess is correct.

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Joe Maddon
Kyle Farnsworth

Jayson Werth. I have that card. The O's traded him for John Bale, evidently having no idea that he'd be sorta okay in ten years' time.

Jeannie Zalasko.

You've got to be kidding me.

Yup, that is Werth -- pre-landing strip facial hair pattern.

Fartie wins.

That look is much more aligned with Werth's spazziness.

Ed Begley, Jr?

Napoleon Dynamite?

I bet Jayson totally doesn't even talk to Screech anymore now that he got that "nottie-to-hottie" makeover by Lisa Turtle (which she did to get an "A" for sociology class to win a bet against Slater) and started dated Kelly Kapowski.

And Kelly totally thinks he's a transfer from Bayside's arch rival. Forbidden fruit, indeed!

You know what would totally solve this? Slater doing ballet at the Max. That always gets you laid/good grades/squeals from preteen girls.

But the real question is: What is Mr. Belding doing hanging out at the Max? Doesn't he have anything else going on?

I was all excited to post Werth so I made this account only to realize people beat me too it. Oh well.

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