Phillies - Brewers Antiglog: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

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goldenskillet.jpgEvening friends! Hopefully you got your fill of shamefully exploited youngman football and are ready for a sport that matters - playoff baseball! Let's use this post as a landing spot for all your comments/concerns regarding tonight's crucial Phillies and Brewers game. With the Brewers riding CC for all he's worth just to reach this point, is a lesser light of the rotation going to step up? Dave Bush has the pedigree if not the record of a big league stud. He's all that stands between the Brew Crew and the golf course.

Additional discussion points! What do you make of the new wave of defensive statistics/metrics/silk gloves? Do you care? Do they interest you? Do the concepts of errors, fielding percentages and the Gold Gloves they reap seem straight out of the Dark Ages and arbitrary to you?

Just as big sites like ESPN began tracking and easily sorting (as my esteemed college at The Mockingbird called them) Bronze Age stats like Range Factor and Zone Rating, the real baseball nerds introduce Revised Zone Rating, Defensive Plus/Minus and Defensive Efficiency. Unearned runs have featured prominently the last few nights, though these are all largely (not the Dodgers) good fielding teams.

Personally, I can't get enough of these new wave numbers. The ability to objectively compare players beyond the "Whoa, that was awesome" factor is great. RZR even salvages Jeter's scarred reputation! Discuss in the comments, or send your beefs to and enjoy the game!

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Bush opens up with a strikeout.

2 Ks


I'm at work, so I need you to be my eyes kwsn. Is Miller Park retarded right now?

Right now, going to the top of the 2nd, 2-0 brewers. Moyer walked the first two he faced and they both scored.

Howard Doubles, but that's it.

Is the crowd lively though? Are they drunk and throwing sausages on the field?

Crowd is into it.

Bush gives up a 2 out double to Rollins, then get Werth on strikes. Still 2-0 crew.

Moyer is done after 4 innings and is pinch hit for. Bush however is still rolling along nicely and only has given up 4 hits so far today.

Crew 3-0 going into the 6th. The other CC goes down looking with the bases loaded however.

Matt Stairs! Done for the night after 4 innings. Poor Matt

Bush goes 5 and a third, only allowing 5 hits but is responsible for a runner on third right now.

Howard grounds out, scoring the runner. In other news, the Italian wins the sausage race.

Dammit, I swear, the Polish was DUE

Braun fans with the bases loaded. Double switch time to switch and outfielder and bring in a lefty to pitch to Fielder.

Fielder pops it up.

The Brewers never make it easy. Fuck.

however, phillies go 1-2-3.

Counsell is beyond gritty.

Kendall singles in a run, 4-1 Crew

Hold on to your toques, here comes Gagne!!!

Rollins tries bunting on Gagne, but Gagne says no thanks and picks up the ball and tags him out.

Smoltz is off his rocker. Everyone knows that Counsell is scrappy, not gritty. Kendall is the one with grit. On his face.

Gagne allows a double, but gets out of the inning untouched.

David Aldridge said that Jenkins was "frustrated to see great players like Jeromy Burnitz, Richie Sexson, and Carlos Lee come up through the Brewers' farm system only to leave"?

You Mr. Aldridge are a fucking moron. All were acquired in trades.

Looks like I've missed a good game, darn it!

Wow, 20 LOB for the Crew. Should be over by now...

LTB: 20 LOB?! yikes. Brewers should have double the runs then.

Dammit Torres. FUCK!

@Lloyd and phillis

The Brewers did that the whole stinking year. It is impossible for me to explain how maddening it is.

Dodgers/Cubs on TNT. Pregame. Tony Gwynn looks like he should have 'Goodyear' scrollling across his chest.

If you are a Brewers fan, don't read the next post quite yet.

That's the game! GAME FOUR BABY!


Havae a beer on me boys!

What's going on??? The gamechannelz are broke

@Lloyd: Victorino got called on interference, so both Howard and Dobbs had to come back to 3rd and 2nd respectively. Next batter grounds out and that's the game.

whoa. That's nuts.

Yup, Dale came out as soon as that play was over. What happened is Feliz hit a double play ball to Hall, who threw it to Counsell. When Victorino was heading into second from first, he didn't slide and took out Craig (who still got it to first for the double play). When this happened Howard and Dobbs had not touched home and 3rd (respectively), so they got called back.

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