Phillies - Brewers Antiglog: No Rest for the Wealthy

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cheesecurds.jpgThe dreaded day game after a night game. Do you think Jamie Moyer will be available to pinch run today? Was there time to give Shane Victorino a crash course in sliding and baseball etiquette? If the Phils lose today, will a single person in Philly be mentally fit to attend Game 5? If the Phillies and Eagles both lose on the same day, will the city implode?

It's the match up we've all been dreaming about: Jeff Suppan versus Joe Blanton. Neither hurler was especially sharp coming down the stretch, but their team's need them now.

Additional Discussion Points! Crowd gimmicks: hate them or loathe them? Thundersticks, blackouts, white flags blah blah. I thought some of these were real baseball cities, do the fans really need help and direction when to cheer and make noise?

Another rhetorical question: why the hell did this game start at noon central time? I would have no shot of getting up in time for morning baseball, playoff of otherwise. Bud, these are your own people, how can you do them like this??

Bonus Brief Semigloggery - 1:55: Joe Blanton just breezed through the second inning by throwing about 7 seven pitches. Jeff Suppan gave up a leadoff home run to Jimmy Rollins and narrowly avoided a big inning in the second. Jeff Suppan does not inspire the utmost confidence on the hill, were I a Brewers fan I'd terrified.

2:00: Shane Victorino, brainfarts aside, is having a great series. Dumping a little flair over third base may not qualify as truly great, but he's standing on second base either way. With Victorino moving to third and two out, Sveum elects to walk Howard and face Pat The Bat. Back to back tots and it's 5-0

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Hey dudes and dudettes, I'm gonna semi glog the Red Sox Angels tilt tonight. Be here at seven or i'll murder your housepets.

I'm upset, but a few things are making it a bit better.

1. Cubs getting swept.
2. We actually made the playoffs
3. We didn't get swept.

Fielder put his ass into that homer.

Iracane, you hear about the dude who kicked a shark's ass to save his dog? Ms. Wahoo would make that guy look like a pussy if someone hurt Moe.

Congrats to the Phillies for winning the series. It was a good run for the Crew though, thank god we didn't choke like the other NL Central team.

Bring on he 2002 Red Sox!

Honeynut: The Indians Alumni Association, Los Angeles chapter, would be happy to join them.

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