Phils Oldies Want Their Moment to Wrinkle in the Sun

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oldguy.jpgEveryone loves the pomp and pageantry of the World Series. The music, the bunting, the pre-game ceremonies that drag on for hours and hours. It's fun for the whole family, as long as the family isn't watching on TV. FOX has no time for your tired sentimentality old man, so buck up and let's get this game moving!

...a Phillies PR representative came into the clubhouse and informed the team that only the starting players would be announced on the field and on national television. That meant no clubhouse staff, no coaches and no Matt Stairs. He, along with 45-year-old Jamie Moyer, had waited their entire lives for this moment, and then it was gone. All non-starters were allowed to walk out onto the field, but they were never publicly acknowledged -- not to the TV audience, not even to the crowd.

Too bad for you, lifetime journeymen finally getting your moment on the big stage, you can suck a Viagra-soaked lemon. We've got commercials to run so you're out of luck. Our game time may have swollen to well over 3 hours, but that doesn't mean we have 3 minutes to introduce the coaches, trainers and bench guys that made it all possible.

At first I was completely unsympathetic to the players cries, until I realized that the introductions had been completely scrapped, not just cut from the broadcast. My ingrained thoughts to argue and disagree with anything the FOX corporation does kicked in, and I was on board with poor old Jamie Moyer.

Grizzled old man and staunch defender of all things right in the world Matt Stairs said "some guys were extremely mad about it" and he thought it was "bootleg" that they didn't take the time to introduce the players. Bootleg! You hear, college boy in your fancy suit pulling the strings for the teevee people? Matt Stairs declares it bootleg!

Rays union player rep Evan Longoria (23 year old rookie turned union strong man) hadn't heard any grumbling in his locker room, likely due to his youthful Rays ignorance of the way things were and they way things are just supposed to be, gal dangit.

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Do not anger or taunt Matt Stairs.

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