Point/Counterpoint: Overmanagin' Joe Maddon

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From time to time, Camp Tiger Claw and I discuss baseball like calm, thoughtful intellectuals. This is not one of those times. This is one of those chats where we just throw feces at each other like monkeys.

This little tete-a-tete stems from Rays manager Joe Maddon's decision to switch up his pitching rotation so that his James Shields can avoid Fenway Park, where he has been absolutely shelled in his career (0-3 in three starts with a 10.13 ERA). Please to enjoy:

CTC: mark my words
Joe Maddon is overmanaging with this Kazmir thing
Rob: not that big of a deal
the Red Sox are winning this game no matter what
Dice-K is going to blow everyone's assholes out of the water
Maddon knows Kazmir is a dead duck tonight or saturday night
so he's going with his strongest hand in game the sixth
now you say something interesting and we can publish this chat
CTC: That's dumb.
Rob: well put.
CTC: Why wouldn't you want to use your best pitcher in a clinching game?
Maddon is overmanaging, you're over thinking and you're both useless stathead hipsters.
Rob: In normal circumstances, you would want to use your best pitcher, but Fenway Park is the place pitchers go to die.
Joe Maddon didn't make it this far going by the conventional wisdom.
His shitty fauxhawk told him to switch up his rotation.
CTC: Tampa has won 6 of their last 8 at Fenway. If it's not broke don't put Elvis Costello glasses on it, funboy.
Rob: The Red Sox are just a dying breed. How many of those games did Shields win? Zero. How many did Dice-K lose? Zero.
(i'm just guessing with those figures)
CTC: I could look it up but I'm enjoying my Jasmine Green Tea too much.
Very floral bouquet.
Joe Maddon is a dickhead.
Rob: Now who's the fruity hipster?
CTC: Me, you and Overmanagin' Joe Maddon.

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Point/Counterpoint: we both agree on said point.

Fenway Park is a bunch of horseshit and presents the biggest homefield advantage in baseball. There, I said it.

It's the Blacks
It's the Whites.

I think I won that one.

Definitely think it's a bad idea for the Rays to start Kazmir over Shields tonight. Finish off a team when you can. If the Red Sox win tonight and scratch out a Game 6 win, the Rays lose all momentum and have to face Lester looking to redeem himself in Game 7. Bad move for Uncle Joe the fruity hipster.

You got anymore of that Jasmine Green Tea?

Which one of you is the ignorant slut?

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