Ratings, Schmatings: Just Give Me Some Good Baseball Action

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Oh boo-hoo, the FOX network didn't get their desired Red Sox-Dodgers matchup in the World Series and now everyone is going to cry in their oatmeal because the TV ratings are going to be in the shitter for the next week or so. I expressed my opinion on a Phillies-Rays series last week as such:

How bad will the ratings be for a possible Phillies-Rays World Series? Who the fuck cares? What monetary stake do I have in the ratings? I could care less what the ratings get or how much money the FOX network stands to make or lose because the teams they wanted didn't make the big dance. For a baseball fan, a Phillies-Rays series is awesome because both teams are good at playing baseball. Screw the ratings; every non-baseball fan can go watch crappy shows like How I Met Your Mother or Chuck and go shit in their hats. I don't care if it's the Saskatchewan Mooseriders and the Peoria Yogurteaters playing in the World Series: if the baseball is good, I'm there.

Peoria Yogurteaters...I'm so clever! Anyway, David Pinto over at Baseball Musings has some forward-thinking ideas that might prove how ridiculous all the naysayers are. He points out that the highest-rated Fall Classic in the past eleven years was the 1997 Marlins-Indians series that went the full seven. Two otherwise inconsequential cities with next-to-zero market size produced two great baseball teams that fought tooth-and-nail, with the Indians (forgot about Mesa!) Marlins coming out on top. He followed up with this:

The 1997 series also featured a Florida team not known for turning out crowds. Fans, however, do watch the Marlins on TV. The series featured a team roaring onto the scene after never winning before against a team that had not won a World title in decades. The series was also very tight, with the Marlins and Indians winning alternate games. If the series avoids looking like a sweep fairly early, I can see pretty good ratings for the week.

See? It's not about the market size of the teams in the fight, it's about the fight of the size in the...wait, how does this cliché go?

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Rupert Murdoch was so mad about this match up that he dropped his didgeridoo right in his tea.

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