Rays Fans Have Too Much Mountain Dew And Smarties

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From the St. Pete Times:

Monday's celebration at St. Petersburg's Pier was a study in sensory overload. Thousands of Rays fans crowded the downtown location taking up the ground and top levels of the building.

There was an earnest but comical rendition of "Take me out to the ballgame," performed by members of the St. Petersburg City Council. And Mayor Rick Baker took to the stage armed with a guitar and performed with the Sunburn band. A fan on a unicycle rode through the crowd tossing baseballs and other trinkets honoring the Rays win. Blue and yellow streamers were thrown through the air throughout the festivities.


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That was downtown St. Petersburg? Blech.

I liked it better when it was still Leningrad.

And they wonder why no one takes them serious.

Did they also have funnel cakes, cotton candy machines, and a ferris wheel?

I'm so glad I don't live there.

If you are ever in St Petersburg and have a meeting by the Stalin Statue, be sure to holster your pp7. Otherwise everyone shoots you and you have to start the level over.

Hello, World!

/no response

We said HELLLLO! Stop ignoring us!

Fine, then we'll just annoy the living shit out of you.

/rings cowbell, dyes mohawk blue

The Comrades of Summer do not approve of these festivities.

It's rare to see that much ugly in a big woman outside of Pittsburgh.

It's rare to see that much ugly in a big woman outside of Pittsburgh.

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