Red Sox And Angels To Square Off While I'm Wrapped In A Blanky

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Game 4 is going down in Boogie Down Beantown this evening and David Pinto is saying what we already know around here. It's going to be chilly. Couple that with a rematch of Game 1's stellar starters, Mssrs Lackey and Lester, and tonight oughta be some classic playoff gunslinging. There'll be fog on the breath, lots of long at bats, and more than likely, an outcome unknown until the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Jon Lester has had one incredible season. I plan on putting him (SPOLIER ALERT) in the top 3 of our WoW Cy Young ballot, and tonight according to the Globe's Adam Kilgore, will be charged with nothing less than KEEPING THE ENTIRE HEARTBREAKING PRE-2004 FRANCHISE HISTORY LOCKED AWAY.

Lester, the new ace, is charged with keeping at bay the familiar -- yet nearly forgotten -- feelings of inadequacy and dread that once shackled this organization and all of New England this time of year.

Is that overstating it?

Maybe. But remember, this is the kind of nightmare Red Sox followers feared and lived through time after time, for the 86 years prior to 2004. The Red Sox had complete control of the series. They faced 80 pitches last night/early this morning that could have instantly ended the game and the series. Now they are nine innings from going back to Anaheim for Game 5.

Um yeah, Dan Shaugnessy Adam. That is overstating it. But even if it were true, I expect Lester is up to the challenge. I've been behind the kid all year and if he continues to locate his pitches like a 3 card monte dealer, it'll only be up to the Sox offense. Lackey impressed me in game one almost as much as Lester, and I don't expect things to get easier for a struggling Pedroia or an ailing Lowell against him. Also look for cold weather to tighten up Florida State Seminole JD Drew's fickle back.

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"and tonight oughta be some classic playoff gunslinging."

Bret Favre is going to be there?

Over/under on 4.5 hours?

You know what would be great to combat the cold? a WoW hoodie.

That depends on if the get Papelbon in the game. It takes that dude a minute to get in the set postion to look for the sign. He has more fake intensity than Jon Gruden.

a great way.


Is The Globe that British paper with the topless chicks on Page 3?
Because if it is, I'll definitely click that link.
If not, meh.

I stopped reading after the "(SPOILER ALERT)". Did it have to do with last nights Amazing Race? Cuz I gots it DVR'd, ya'll.

Page 3 features topless Prince Fielder.

@the kid
I can tell you what happened in Desper... I mean Mad Men.

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