Reminder: NLCS Liveglog Tonight @ 8:30PM EDT

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Please join us later tonight at 8:30PM Eastern Daylight Time for an official NLCS liveglog. Bring your own roast pork Italian sandwiches and Cobb salads.

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porchetta, nom nom nom. I'll have mine with some broccoli rabe.

Is it a coincidence the game is on the same time as Sunny in Philly?

I literally just finished a John's Roast Pork sandwich for lunch. It had been a while, and it was as wonderful as I remember.

No. The Fox Corporation is self-loathing.

There should be no posts allowed after that Japanese shroom trip I just watched.

I'll bring the mootzarell.

Make sure you don't make any substitutions to the salad, or else Cliff Cobb will tear you a new one.

Hey Cliff, I get mine without bacon. Always. Wanna make something of it, tough guy?

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