Safeco Field Neighborhood Is Getting Sexier and Seedier

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Seattle's nudie bar king Roger Forbes is finally ready to tackle his greatest obstacle in spreading strip clubs across the Emerald City: he wants to open up a titty bar next door to the Seattle Mariners home ballpark. Forbes wants to open a Déjà Vu strip club just 400 feet from Safeco Field and the Mariners are not happy.

The team has filed a formal objection with the city, citing that lots of kiddies go to Mariners games and they shouldn't be 'exposed' to such a naughty business so close to a family gathering place.

But Seattle attorney Peter Buck, who is representing the business, said the restriction applies only to a "public" open space or park.

Safeco is a private facility where people pay to get in, Buck said.

"We are familiar with the Mariners' objection, but consider it a question of taste rather than a legal position," Buck said.

Buck then pulled out a mandolin and serenaded the news reporter with an impromptu acoustic version of "Near Wild Heaven".

Really though, I think the Mariners biggest fear is that they'll never be able to drag Ichiro out of the club.

(We owe a Sprite Zero to BBTF Newsblog)

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Make that a Coke Zero and we're on!

The last thing the Mariners need is someplace else for Kenji Johjima to bat .227.

Peter Buck finally makes his triumphant return to Walkoff Walk!

After people are done spending $8 beer at safeco they can go and spend $6 for a coke at the Vu.

This is just a cover story to get Sexy Sexson back into Seattle.

And the combination of a ball game and a strip joint sounds like an excellent way to spend one's rent money.

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