Simers and Plaschke Opt for the Good Cop/Bad Cop Route

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cops.jpgIf mid-nineties thug life movies have taught me anything, it's that the LAPD loves the good cop/bad cop routine. Poor little Cuba JR didn't stand a chance. The modern Dodgers don't stand a chance either, especially when faced with the yin-yang hyrda of T.J. Simers and Bill Plashcke.

Simers took time out from slamming the city of Brotherly Love to, uh, slam the city of Brotherly Love. As dear commenter Honeynut Ichiros pointed out, Simers has even more choice words for Philly:

It isn't just a game here in Angryville, but a violent attitude to determine who is really tougher. Before Game 2, they showed previous playoff highlights between the Dodgers and Phillies to the sound of Edwin Starr singing "War."
As T.J. spewed more bile in an Easterly direction today, he also snuggled up close to the boys in blue and promised they'd do their best. He used Manny's Crown Royal quote to up the pun in his title "Dodgers will still give it their best shot" while still ensuring everyone else hates him:

Sure, the Dodgers are down 2-0, but doing so much better than the Cubs and their fans.

And although they were nothing more than Angryville chum here the last two days, as bad as the Dodgers must feel, they get to leave Philadelphia while all the towel wavers remain stuck here.
While T.J. is content to piss off people that don't read him every day, Bill Plaschke chose to keep the hatred in-house. He points his finger at the Dodgers, a team he believes has lost its identity:

The Dodgers didn't just leave Citizens Bank Park field Friday, they were thrown out by a Phillies team that pushed them to the door just before snatching their swagger.

Gone is the clubhouse music. Gone are the hopeful smiles. Gone is the idea that Manny Ramirez can carry them.

He hit a three-run homer Friday, he's batting .375 in the series, and the Dodgers still haven't won a game.
Big Bill questions all of Joe Torre's managerial and life decisions in his piece; blaming the esteemed headman for the Dodgers' sudden collapse. All this fingerpointing and invective must make for interesting conversation around the lunch table at Times HQ. I assume T.J. Simers got to wear the Baba Au Rum costume on his way out of Philadelphia last night.

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Somebody please stick a banana in Simers' exhaust pipe.

I think we could arrange that...

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