Sunday Night 11 Minutes Late Liveglog Club: WS Game 4

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worldseriesliveglog.jpgOops! Live stuff, after the jump

8:45: This seems like a good place to start. Ry Ho chops back to the mound with runners on the corners, Sonnanstine goes to third but Rollins slides back into third safe. Thanks to an uncomfortable closeup of Longoria's glive going into Rollins' anus, we see that it was a missed call.

8:48: Sonnanstine walks in a run. 1-0 Phillies. Sorry I was late. Public transportation is slow, y'all! Chop back to the mound from Victorino. Force out at home. Two down.

8:51: Pedro Feliz flies out to center. All those runners and no damn hits from the Phils. That will undoubtedly come back to haunt them. In the butt. Like Evan Longoria's glove.


8:55: Joe Blanton has definitely had his cakies today. Strikes out Longoria and Crawford to give him 3 on the inning. Since I wasn't here for the first one I'm going to pretend that it was a 3 pitch K of Kevin Stocker.

8:58: Dioner Navarro singles to right, but Ben Zobrist flies out to center. Apparently Fox trusts Victorino enough to have him miked live. He screams "Igotitigotit" like a little leaguer. I wanted swears.

9:02: Babyface Blanton steps up to the plate. Sonnanstine K's him. I SPY KEN ROSENTHAL. I wish he came up from underground on a rising pedestal for each of his segments. Staring down at his microphone before his name is called.

9:07: After a Rollins single, Jayson Werth flies out to center. I didn't even have time to buy salsa for tonight's game. My girlfriend, my teachers, my parents and my parole officer are all correct. I'm a poor time manager.

9:08: "Can you believe we still call these phones with all they can do? What about Jesuspods? Or Tikifrikitacotikis? I mean, I just took a picture down some girl's shirt on the subway with this thing. Score! Come visit us at"


9:10: Another K for Blanton. Maybe this'll be a quick one? That would be a first in my glogging career.

9:12: Sonnanstine HELPS HIS OWN CAUSE. Yes, that's right he donated $25 to the Get Andy Sonnanstine A Bitchin' New Mustang Fund. Not really. He singled.

9:12: Aki chops to SS. Bossman grounds out to the same spot.

aki na.jpg

9:19: The ball hits off Aki's paw paw for an error. I'm not really seeing the bad hop that Joe is seeing. I'm mostly seeing Aki not approaching the ball correctly. Howard converts with a single and Chutley motors all the way to third.

9:22 With the exception of the Howard at bat, the Phillies continue getting themselves in hitter's counts and not converting. It's one thing to be 0 for whatever with RISP. It's another thing to do it repeatedly on 3-0 and 3-1. Someone throw some cold water on these dopes.

9:25: Victorino flies out. According to Tim he has a weak top hand. He needs this:

9:26: Feliz finally knocks a Sonnanstine pitch for an RBI. 2-0 Phils.

9:30: Ruiz hits an infield single up the middle, but Country Joe flies out in fould ground to Pena. That'll end what should have been a far more eventful inning.

9:31: Hey, it's the pool scene from Vacation! That's how I became the maestro of the VCR pause button.

9:32: Anyone out there wanna make me a Mean Gene O Mania shirt?


9:35: Blanton rings up his 7th K of the night. He's almost on pace to break Stan Laurel's postseason strikeout record of 59! Longoria grounds out.

9:37: Mr. Ray, Carl Crawford goes Funny Bone. 2-1 Phils. That guy can turn on an inside pitch faster than just about anyone I've seen. Navarro grounds out.


9:41: ANOTHER ONE goes off Aki's paw paw. Tsk Tsk. Another lead off runner for the Phils to strand.

9:45: Sonnanstine walks Werth. He's thrown quite a few pitches already and Jim Hickey will visit the mound and stand there looking like a hardboiled detective disguised as a pitching coach.

9:48: Chutley strikes out and Sonnanstine is giving me Dice-K flashbacks.

9:50: Ryan Howard:

5-1 Phils.

9:52: Burrell and Victorino fly out to end the inning, but that there's a 4 run lead. How you feeling Philly fans? wtf.JPG

9:57: Zobrist flies out to Victo.... IGOTITIGOTITIGOTITIGOTIT. Jason Bartlett grounds it off of Blanton's Keds but Feliz makes a nice play on the deflection.

9:58: Eric Hinske! In his first at bat since the ALDS:

5-2 Phils

9:59: Aki grounds out to the pitcher.


10:02 Someone made an out whilst I was peeing. And now there's an argument with the umps. I think they're probably talking about how catchy "Ding-a-Dong" is. Edwin Jackson is now pitching, Lloyd hates him for some reason. I think he's decent. He gets Ruiz to ground out.

10:06. Yeah I take that back. Blanton just hit one out.

6-2 Phils


10:11: Upton files out. You know usually, I think waving a towel at a sporting event is lame, but it makes sense in Philly. The things are probably covered in bacon grease.

10:!5: Evan Longoria looks like he's flailing around up there. Which is good because he really bugs me. This also means he'll probably hit a home run because I said that.

10:18: He doesn't. He strikes out. Blanton hits Crawford on the top of one of his feet and there's two on for The Fat Catcher. He needs this:

10:21: Blanton gets Navarro swinging. That's 7 Ks on the night, and he's turning in a performance every bit as impressive as Whole Camels' start in game one.


10:25: Jason Werth knocks a double to left center, to begin yet another inning with a baserunner. That's 11 Philly baserunners if you're counting.

10:28: I just listened to "Ding-A-Dong" again.

10:29: Home Plate umpire Tom Hallion with the EMPHATIC strikeout call on Chutley. He's lucky he didn't pull something on that one. Like his taint muscle.

10:33: Burrell grounds into a dubious double play after Bartlett has trouble getting it out of his glove to start the play. End o' inning.

10:34: More "hardworking" Americans prefer the taste of Dunkin Donuts coffee over Starbucks. Are we to assume the slothful, the lazy and the unambitious like Starbucks better then? I guess so. I just surveyed myself and I prefer Starbucks.


10:39 Blanton walks Zobrist and is out of the game. The definition of Zobrist is "someone that plays the Zober." Chad Durbin is in for the Phillies. Haven't we been over this "putting guys named Chad in big situations" thing?

10:41: He gets Bartlett to fly out, but Aybar singles to right. 2 on, 1 out.

10:44: Manuel makes the right move, removing Chad from the game. Lefty Scott Eyre is in to face Aki Paw Paw.

10:47: Aki flies out to Eric Bruntlett who makes an awkward basket catch. That'll be it for Eyre. Ryan Madson who has been frickin' awesome in the postseason will come in to face BJ Upton. Most exciting matchup of the series so far. Coming right up.

10:52: Strike out. Blamalama! Seventh inning stretch. I need music!

Philly's own, Jedi Mind Tricks


10:57: Dan "Stealers" Wheeler didn't get Stuck In The Bullpen In The Middle Of The 7th With You and comes in to get Victorino to fly to left. I hate myself.

10:59: Evan Longoria acts like a bumbling dope on a play to third. Feliz is on first. Carlos Ruiz comes up and is hitting an absurd .455 in this series.

11:01: Aki makes a stellar play at second, snaring a liner and whirling to first to double of Feliz. Paw Paw is so proud.


11:05: Does Fox think they're helping with this picture in picture replay magnifier thing? It's clunky and it obscures the replay. It looks like a feature on a Super Nintendo game. Do not want.

11:06: Madson strikes out Pena. Boy has he pitched his way into a reputation this October. THERES IS ONLY /ONE

11:08: Madson strikes out Longoria. 3 up, all down on Ks. THERES INS ONLY ONE OCTOBERWS.

11:10: Crawford grounds out. The end is drawing niiiiiiigh.


11:14: Tim McCarver calls Matt Stairs (who is definitely going to strike out here) refreshing. He's correct, Matt Stairs is spearmint flavored. Yup he strikes out.

11:15: Jimmy Rollins double. Oh vaunted Tampa bullpen, must I unvaunt you?

11:20: Jayson Werth is hungry.

8-2 Phils

11:23: Trevor Miller in for the Rays. Dan Wheeler looks sad. Apparently we're supposed to be mad at Jayson Werth for pointing? OH IT'S JUST FRIVOLITY, NVM.

11:25: Holy Crap Ryan Howard.

10-2 Phils

10:29: So this one's pretty much out of reach. I'm going to stay up for the end just in case something happens, though. Also I'm going to stay up because there's no way I can sleep after this freaky video game commerical. What the shit is this? Resistance 2, eh? You frighten me, youth of America. Joe Buck's suit is ugly.


11:32: The inning starts with an error from Jesus Christ Romero. Wrap it up fellas.

11:34: "Ken Rosenthal is still with us." PULL THE PLUG.

11:34: Ground out to second by some guy.

11:35: Bartlett strikes out swinging. 2 down. The towels are swinging like crazy. Philly fans can smell it! Oh, wait that's just New Jersey.

11:39: Romero strikes out Rocco. BALLGAME. Phillies win 10-2. The story of the night boils down to great pitching and lots of Ks from the Phillies pitchers. Lots of bombs from Phillies hitters. They do not need this:

Thanks for joining me, kids. See ya later.


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way to take alllll the air out of this one before it even had a chance, slacker!

Actual baseball question that may let the umpire off the hook: what was Longoria doing running down the baseline TOWARDS Rollins? Just stand on third base and he's out by a mile. C'mon Rook!

That doesn't jive with the Accepted Baseball Rule of Rundown Etiquette.

Wait...Aramis Ramirez was the #1 offensive player in the National League? Huh?

Yes, Ken Rosenthall, "...when you think about it...", two things that have nothing to do with each other do not, in fact, have anything to do with each other. Thanks for clarifying.

My fiance has 0 sports knowledge, and brought up a great point.

Me - Check that out, the ump said the glove never touched the guy.
Her - Why? Couldn't he see the replay showing he was wrong?
Me - No, they don't let him see TV replays.
Her - Why not? That means the other team gets treated unfairly.
Me - .......Uh, just because.

So we all played "pickle" as kids, right? We called it "Indian" rules if you could get a runner out by nailing him with the ball.

Baseball would be cooler with these rules.

I still play 'pickle' whenever I get the chance, as long as I'm not too tired.

"Helped his own cause" was not said right there, and I am happy.


Mr. Hesse is Greek as well?

9:12 was right in my face.

Dave O'Brien is verbally attacking Rick Sutcliffe, mocking his inability to think on his feet. He also just said the Chase Utley has been "getting on like a mad man." Dave O'Brien is becoming my favorite play-by-play guy.

I think you jinxed Iwamura with your poster.

I don't need no stinkin card to show me where to stick my funny bone.
Although laughter does ensue.

How do you live with yourself Billy Beane?

Holy fuckbeans Blanton hit one out.

Are we sure the "Let's go Joe!" chant wasn't meant to kick Joe Buck out of the booth?

Oh my god it's a movie with Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connely. Are we taking bets on how much awkardly terrible brooding there will be?

Edwin Jackson should probably stop throwing the "easily hit to the left center gap" pitch.

BLAMTON is celebrating between innings by taking a schvitz in a vat of cheese sauce.

Joe Blanton kind of looks like the kid from Problem Child. Why don't baseball players wear bow ties any more?

I think I'm going to use "Ding-A-Dong" for my new ringtone.

UTFLW, I made a significant amount of money working on The Day The Earth Stood Still, and I can tell you with full confidence that it is awful. We shot a new ending three weeks ago.


How do you sleep at night? Other than draped in hundred dollar bills.

Whiskey helps.

The "No whiskey nightcaps" sign has been turned off by the pilot now that futuremrsUTFLW is out of town on business for the week.

I'm drinking Jameson out of a flask.

I heard in this one, instead of shutting off all of earth's electricity for 30 minutes, people are forced to watch Keanu Reeve's do Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Joe Buck has a daugher? How old is she?

That looks like the play that Chris Chambers was making in those commercials this afternoon.


As we were flying back from Michigan tonight, we circled the airport just as the fireworks were going off at CBP after the National Anthem.

Speaking of fireworks, how 'bout them Phillies? All of their HR have come with runners on 1st, so they're still 0-for-98 with RISP. STATS LIE.

CTC, wrap it up. Rob, call Clare and make sure she's concious.

10-2, save some for tomorrow, plz. thx

Honeynut speaks the truth. That ball was absolutely hammered, so I guess Joe Buck speaks the truth also.

I think you jinxed the Rays' bullpen. Or is it a bullshitpen? amirite?!

Hey did you guys know that the only celebratory song that we have in Philly is "Gonna Fly Now"? WGFN plays it around the clock. It's all we listen to. It's the tune of my car horn. It's the only song played at the cheesesteak joint that I work at. Sometimes we play "Philadelphia Freedom," but only at funerals.


So I think the story now goes from "Ryan Howard is having a shit postseason" to "Ryan Howard is the greatest hitter in postseason history."


Why did Utley just look the runner back to first on that play? It's a force out, holmes.

3-1. Someone pinch me. Not too hard.

thanks for the glog ctc. and the new ring tone.
ding a dong, baby.

What is Zelasko wearing? She looks like a California Raisin.

Thanks for the efforts, CTC.

Great work tonight CTC.

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