The 1981 Dodgers Found a Great Way to Humiliate Themselves

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Our pal 'Duk over at Big League Stew shared this with the sportsblogosphere yesterday. Back in 1981, the World Champion L.A. Dodgers (specifically, Jerry Reuss, Jay Johnstone, Rick Monday and Steve Yeager) took to the mikes on the teevee variety show Solid Gold to sing "We Are the Champions". It's cringe-tastic!

If the Dodgers win the whole bowl of potatoes this year, I fully expect James Loney, Derek Lowe, Matt Kemp, and Jeff Kent to go on the Carson Daly show and sing their rendition of Kanye's "Champion". There can be no other way.

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Somehow I doubt Jeff Kent would be up for performing a Kanye song.

Somehow I doubt Jeff Kent would want to be seen in the same room with any of his teammates, either.

Kent does have the right moustache for it though.

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