The First Annual Prophecy of Mediocrity Contest: WINNER

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Congratulations to Walkoff Walk reader Chris Prior for winning our First Annual Prophecy of Mediocrity Contest. Chris picked just two of the six third-place teams correctly, which in retrospect, is a really decent .333 batting average. His decision to include the Rockies and A's was a fruitful one, and he came close with his Twins, Braves and Cardinals picks.

Three others tied with him (David Rose, Dr. Rock and joe2781) but Chris came the closest to the average number of wins for the six third place teams (81.83 was his guess, 81.5 was the correct number).

The most popular correct pick was the Rockies, with 14 of 34 entries nailing that one. In case you're having trouble remembering who finished in third, go check out the final standings.

Thirteen folks actually picked zero of the six teams correctly. In fact, the average entry had about 0.75 teams picked correctly. Nobody picked the Yankees or the Indians and only one entrant chose the Marlins. Worst of all was Afino who actually picked three division winners (Rays, White Sox, and Dodgers).

You can revisit the entries themselves or the digest form of the entries if you are Carl Curious.

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It appears my oh so hilarious guess of 69 wins was wayyyyy off.

Damn, I guess I'm stuck with my day job.

Man, this site was popular back then. What happened?

David Rose, Dr. Rock and Joe sounds like the worst morning zoo, ever.

Cards are debatable given the Astros only got 3rd by a half a game which Ike forced to not happen.

Don't rabblerouse, KWSN.

Of course I had zero, btw. HOW DO I LIVE LIKE THIS.

@ GorgeForeman* +1

man, it feels weird to almost win yet lose in a mediocrity contest.

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