The First Annual Walkoff Walk Dot Com Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence: American League Cy Young

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With the postseason stuck in that lull between the Division Series and the League Championship Series, we here at Walkoff Walk thought it would be a good time to assault our readers' eyes and brains with some award posts. We proudly present The First Annual Walkoff Walk Dot Com Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence sponsored in part by nobody because we don't get paid a damn thing to do this website. It's a labor of love.

We've split up our choices into two sections, one for each of us. We've spent minutes and minutes research stats and whatnot to make these important decisions. Please consider our opinions and then feel free to express your own in the comment section.

Next up, the National American League Cy Young Award:

Rob Iracane: royhalladay.jpg

1. Roy Halladay
2. Cliff Lee
3. Jon Lester

Lee was dominant from April to September, posting low walks totals and allowing few tater tots. He led the league in wins and WHIP while giving Indians fans the only real reason to wake up in the morning during a rocky year. He'd probably earn this award in most years, but Halladay outpitched him with more innings, more strikeouts, more complete games, and a better beard.

Most importantly, Doc did his work in the tough AL East, beating the Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees multiple times each. Lee beat up on the Royals and Tigers of the world. Lee had just seven wins against teams with winning records while Halladay had thirteen. The two pitchers were close enough in stats and gumption for me to take a look at their strength of opponents. Simply put, it's more impressive to shut down the Boston Red Sox three times than it is to beat the Kansas City Royals five times.

Lester was the ace of the Red Sox and even threw one of them magical no-hitters. He's an easy #3 choice on my ballot. Honorable mention goes to Mariano Rivera for posting the best season of any reliever and perhaps the best season of his career.

Camp Tiger Claw: clifflee.jpg

1. Cliff Lee
2. Roy Halladay
3. Jon Lester

Not a runaway like the eventual voting will be. Roy Halladay is certainly my favorite Non-Red Sox player in all of baseball. I wanted to give him this one but Lee's season was just better. He kept the ball in the yard better than Doc. You kept waiting for the bottom to drop out but it never did. In 31 starts the Indians went 24-7. In six of those seven losses they hit like dead retarded gerbils. Halladay's throw back style and express train two hour starts endeared him to the hearts of purists.

Jon Lester was a bit more consistent than John Danks who could have snuck into third. Screw K-Rod.

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Cliff Lee. Winnar with no run support from a crappy team.

(also, fix "Next up, the National League Cy Young Award" please)

Duh, the award is for the American League. Halladay gets my vote when we annex Toronto. And I get a vote.

But who has the most wins????

"like dead retarded gerbils"

Do retarded dead ones hit worse than regular dead ones? I know they're worse in the field, never knowing where the play is, but I thought they were pretty equal at the plate.

Where's Mussina? He won 20!

Seriously, Halladay should win. His nickname is Doc.

That's such a beautiful trophy.

sponsored in part by nobody because we don't get paid a damn thing to do this website

Everybody's making money off the internet but you! You should get a stick of butter to put your pencils in.

halladay has to win the pity votes. he plays baseball in canada.

Cliff Lee run support - 6.13 runs/game.

Halladay run support - 4.72 runs/game.

Cliff Lee's athletic supporter - standard, run of the mill plastic & lined with maxi pads.

Roy Halladay's athletic supporter - cast titanium, reinforced with adamantium.


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