The First Annual Walkoff Walk Dot Com Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence: American League MVP

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With the postseason stuck in that lull between the Division Series and the League Championship Series, we here at Walkoff Walk thought it would be a good time to assault our readers' eyes and brains with some award posts. We proudly present The First Annual Walkoff Walk Dot Com Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence sponsored in part by nobody because we don't get paid a damn thing to do this website. It's a labor of love.

We've split up our choices into two sections, one for each of us. We've spent minutes and minutes research stats and whatnot to make these important decisions. Please consider our opinions and then feel free to express your own in the comment section.

Next up, the American League MVP: joemauer.jpg

Rob Iracane:

1. Joe Mauer
2. Kevin Youkilis
3. Alex Rodriguez

This was the toughest choice for me to make among all the awards. I've been thinking about this award for a while now and no one candidate stuck his head out long enough for me to make an absolute decision. Still, Mauer caught 139 games this year and managed to amass an .864 OPS while batting third for a team that nearly won the AL Central. Historically, this was a great year for a Twins catcher, nearly as good as his own 2006 season with his .936 OPS. Am I giving this to Mauer as a make-up? Possibly. But take Mauer out of the Twins lineup and there's no way they score 829 runs.

I nearly gave top billing to Youkilis, who significantly increased his power output in 2008, going from a .453 to a .569 slugging percentage while maintaining his .390 on base percentage. Youk also played a great first base while committing 252 innings to third base while Mike Lowell was out. Most of all, Youkilis hit well in every single month. Rodriguez had a noticeable decline from 2007 but is still the best offensive player in the league; to leave him off my ballot would be unfair.

Honorable mention goes to Dustin Pedroia, who started slow but upped his output in time to become the best hitting middle infielder in the league. As for Milton Bradley and Carlos Quentin, they both missed too much time to be considered in this vote.


Camp Tiger Claw:

1. Carlos Quentin
2. Alex Rodriguez
3. Cliff Lee

Toughest one on the board. The one thing to keep in mind here, is that if Ian Kinsler doesn't get hurt, he ends up running away with this damn thing. But for me his injury comes just a bit too early. Yes Quentin was hurt, and that probably keeps him out off most "real" ballots, but in 130 games, he missed the league HR title by one. He had a higher SLG than anyone but A-Rod, and a higher OPS than anyone but Milton Bradley or A-Rod. Rodriguez takes second by virtue of playing 138 games, and being the best player in the history of sentient life. For lack of a better option, I'll do something I don't usually do and throw a bone to a starting pitcher. The Indians went 24-7 in Lee's 31 starts. Throw out a 14-12 loss in July and they scored 15 runs in the 6 remaining losses. There was hardly a game Lee did not show up for.

As for Pedroia/Youkilis. They both had great years. They split my vote and don't make the list.

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Josh Hamilton led the league in RBI, has lots of shameful tattoos, and once did drugs. Surely that should get him on a ballot somewhere, no?

Also, let me beat BC Twins Fan to the punch...

Justin Mor-who?

My Morneau Jacket

Justin Mor-greatest MVP pick evar?

Side note:

The Big Lead just validated every reason why I dislike the site. Required Reading? Something other than Vanity Fair, then?

Fuck the Big Lead right in his asshole for saying that "Lost" is a far better show than "The Sopranos". What a jerknoodle.

It's been in my RSS Reader for a couple years now but for the life of me I can't figure out why I continue to read it, especially when I could be wasting time with infinitely better sites like EDSBS or Fleshbot.

Or a 404 screen.

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