The Greatest Day in Philadelphia's 300-Year History

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Forget the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, forget the day Chickie and Pete's first added Old Bay seasoning onto crinkle cut fries, and forget the day "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" debuted on FX because yesterday was the single greatest day in Philadelphia's three-hundred year history. Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles finally won a game where the other team got screwed by a bad call, the Who continued their long history of selling out and being overrated by playing a packed show at the Wachovia Center, and the Philadelphia Phillies came one game closer to winning the World Series with their tater tot assault over the Tampa Bay Rays.

I was lucky enough to be one of over 100,000 people to enjoy the day's festivities down at the sports and entertainment complex off Interstate 95 because I had tickets to the Eagles game. It was my first trip to Lincoln Financial Field and I came away fully understanding that Eagles fans are the single most passionate group of degenerates in the entire world. When the Eagles defense were flagged on a bogus roughing-the-quarterback call in the first quarter, the crowd joined together as one and expressed their displeasure at the referee's call. For twenty straight minutes. Without pause. It was ridiculous. Every human being in that building was booing; I've been to dozens of games at Giants Stadium but I have never heard a louder collective boo than I heard yesterday.

After the Eagles big win, we headed to our car and saw folks pulling off their Brian Dawkins jerseys and showing off their Shane Victorino t-shirts, whether or not they had tickets to the World Series. The parking lots were jammed with people coming, going, or simply staying to drink some Yuenglings and play some cornhole. It was just that kind of perfect intersection of a football win, an upcoming World Series game, and Philadelphians actually feeling blessed. True, our Eagles seats were directly in front of a loudmouth asshole who criticized every single Eagles play that failed to gain 5 yards, but 99% of folks in the area were as happy as a peach.

As we sat in an hour's worth of traffic in our quest to get back to the highway, we fielded a call from my sister. She and my brother-in-law were ready to pile into the car and head down to the parking lot for the World Series game. We warned her to wait a bit and avoid the gridlock. They made it to the lot, found a parking spot amongst the masses, and were rewarded with a big win.

Unfortunately, if Cole Hamels and the boys pull out another win tonight, Sunday October 26th, 2008 may lose the title of "Greatest Day in Philadelphia's History".

(Picture stolen from the inimitable Big League Stew. Go look at the other pictures, jerk)

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the Who continued their long history of selling out and being overrated by playing a packed show at the Wachovia Center

I quit.

I quit.

I'm finally free to post BoDeans videos every morning! Whee!

I'm finally free to post BoDeans videos every morning!

You'll finally be the #1 ranked BoDeans blog on Ballhype.

It was a great day, but when they got home they still had to woof down cat food, slug a beer and huff some glue to sleep.

I would argue the best day in Philly was when Rocco and his steak sandwhich bumped into Rico and his jar of whiz on South Street.

@ matt_T

Sinbad might hang with Rob Thomas, but he really loves the Who.

The Who are great. Their only problem is that their hits, which are weaker than their catalog as a whole, are driven into the ground by CSI commercials.

It's like judging The Clash solely on Combat Rock. *shudder*

@ The Colonel

I would've likened that more to Train in Vain.

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