The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch: Thursday, October 16th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • NJIT professor Bruce Bukiet used a computer model to figure out who should win the MVP and Cy Young awards. There was a bug in the system because Corey Patterson won Executive of the Year for the Pacific Coast League. BBTF Newsblog.

  • Tom Tango challenges all the baseball nerds out there (including Nate Silver) to put their forecasting systems up to a challenge. CTC and I are going to enter with our purely mathematical system of choosing players based on musical preference. The Book Blog.

  • Phillies beat writers have been eating their pre-game meals in abject filth and disgusting conditions at Citizens Bank Park. Philadelphia Will Do.

  • Kulp wants Phillies fans to hire Yankees fans so they can learn how to celebrate like real assholes. Hey Kulp, I'll cram some fireworks down your throat and stick an M-80 up your ass. How's that for a celebration? The 700 Level.

  • Jonah Keri writes an elegy to Jason Varitek's bat. Cheer up, Red Sox fans, that unlucky Expos fan Keri just reversed the jinx; Tek's totally hitting a tater tonight. ESPN Page 2.

  • Grant gets to the bottom of those Delmon Young-to-the-Giants rumors. McCovey Chronicles.

  • Hey Red Sox players, come packed tonight. Big League Stew.

  • Join the Angels Strike Force! Folks with an aversion to monkeys or dago managers need not apply. Teamwork Online.

  • Rinku and Dinesh are totally watching the playoffs with us. Check out that hot flat screen. The Million Dollar Arm Blog.

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From MDAB, referring to the playoffs:
The 10 best teams then enter the tournament for the Championship.
Well, nobody called it the Million Dollar Math Blog, now did they.

Mr. Tango has found baseball prognostication to be a much safer job than maverick policeman having to escape from prison on electrical wires.

Whee! The Yankees and Blue Jays made the playoffs!

Hammer, I wish I had some cash to give you for that joke.

CTC, your acknowledgement is currency enough.

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