Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, fight the grownups.

  • DOES my old copy of Bases Loaded still work?

  • ARE you going to watch the debates? If you need a place to check them out, head over to Pikkumatti's place. I hear he's making 7 Layer Dip.

That's all for us today. Spend some quality time with loved ones tonight. They're gonna miss you once Thursday comes around. Stop by and see us tomorrow. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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You know Bill Bellamy hit that.

If Lisa Loeb shot you down back in the day, Kennedy was always there for the rebound fuck.

Farty, I've got nine stories to tell you about that.

If it doesn't work, try an emulator.

Also, Google image search informs me that Lisa is still a prolific singer-thongwriter.

John Lackey is predictably ducking me. This brings the total number of baseball players too scared to fight me to 2.


I think you can make an assumption on Carl Pavano not showing up and up your count to 3.

There's a fantastic chance I may live comment here during the debate. But there's also a chance I might watch my roommates Freaks & Geeks DVDs. Too soon to tell.

Ms. Wahoo is working late so there is a fantastic chance I am just getting high enough to walk to the liquor store.

There's a fantastic chance I may just play Bases Loaded on Wii. Go Oko.

FMBCTF is leaving for out of town tonight so there is a fantastic chance I will be looking for the finest videos that red tube has to offer tonight.

I have to write a program to calculate what people do in the lull between playoff games. Chances are some error is going to cause to always come back as something sexual.

you omitted drinking

Drinking usually leads to beer goggles, which in turn leads to sex with the next thing that moves.

The next thing that moves is probably going to be your hand (aka Miss Michigan, aka Judge Learned Hand).

Good call on Oko. That is the sign of a true Bases Loaded Vet. People who get all excited about Paste? Fucking rookies. I preferred New York or Utah.

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