Tonight's Question

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Hey kids, leave my gun in the donut shop, underneath the third booth.

  • WILL Derek Lowe continue to be a warm postseason commodity? Dude has allowed 10 runs in his last 30 or so postseason IP and has that vaunted "playoff experience" dripping out of his Zach Morris looking head. He's been exceptional in his last 6 against the Phils, sporting a 2.58 ERA.

  • CAN Cole Hamels shut down that Mannyfied Dodger lineup? He's thrown 14 IP against them this year, coming in identical 7 inning, 2 run outings. One of those was in the post Manny era.

  • HAVE you adequately prepared yourself for the giant dump Fox is about to take all over our playoffs? Buck! McCarver! Zelasko! Kennedy! Hey, Pepto Bismol!

  • TORRE can't really be the difference, can he?

  • WILL you be back to livewatch with Robert Q. Iracane And Timestamped Jokes Of Death? You best be.

So often the LCS are much more intense than the World Series. This is quite possibly the best 10 days to be a baseball fan. So go home, tell your sweetheart they look good and ask how their day was. Then have some dinner. Then crank up the NLCS with Rob. It's go time.

Oh, yeah. And a drink. Don't forget to make a drink.

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Jameson neat tonight. That Dabbleboard is fucking hysterical.

Johnny Walker Green, rocks. T-minus 90 minutes.

Looking forward to polluting the glog with my homerisms.

Oh yeah, TJ Simers gets the gas face one last time.

CORRECTION: I MEANT GOLD. None of that vatted nonsense.

I'm a Jameson guy, but I've been enjoying Clontarf Reserve a lot lately.

Is this where we're having the Survivor liveglog?

This is where we're having the Grey's Anatomy Vagi-glog.

Grey's Anatomy? Cool. Isn't that Thomas Jane just a dreamboat?

Derek Lowe is going to get lit up.

I am going to make the greatest cookies evar right now.

Cooler than a polar bears toenails
oh hell


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