Tonight's Question

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Hey kids, opportunities multiply as they are seized.

  • DO you have what it takes to survive another baseball-less night?

Come back tomorrow and we'll let you make World Series predictions. And then tomorrow night, I'll glog Game One with some special Photoshops by WoW intern Darren. See ya!

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I've hesitated to ask, mainly because I'm afraid of what the answer might be, but: We're still going to go full steam here in the offseason, yes?

Bravo to whomever placed the Rudy Ray Moore pic.

@Mr. Fart
The only question is if the person was born insecure, rat-soup-eatin', no-business-havin', or jock-jawed.

I'll be here as long as the Cricket coverage continues.

Way down in the jungle
A lion stepped on two dignified monkey feet
The Monkey said Motherfucka can't you see?
You are standing on my god damn feet.


Google analytics actually tracks the amount of hits we get from Soup Eatin' Motherfuckers.

Let's just say it's high.

Watch the trailer for the Human Tornado on Youtube.

And Gorge brings up a good point: are you all going to abandon us for greener pastures in the offseason? Should we get fake boobs to keep you around?

I can only speak for myself, but weekends during the offseason will be full of conjecture and character study to the best of my ability.

WoW in Winter: Don't leave us hangin'

Aw, who deleted my Wassily Kandinsky?

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