Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I have traveled here with only my word. And some bourbon.

  • WILL CC do as is his habit, and right the perpetually listing Brewer Ship? If you say no, you're clearly dumb. Because you're from Philly.

  • CAN Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs calm the panic in Wrigleyville? Cubs fans are freakin' out after last night, man. They need Big Z's warm fireballing embrace. Some runs would be nice too.

  • DO you have plans for the late game? If not, stop on by Walkoff Walk. We'll have more live game coverage for you. We're so good to you.

We'll see you right back here 9:30ish. Same WoW channel.

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That is going to hang in the Louvre one day

Cathal Kelly drives a semi to work at The Star

I like how in the header it looks like CTCon. Truer words never written.
I keed. I keed.

/Go Dodgers?

Thank you for a free run. Too bad it wasn't at home and tied in the 9th inning.

This is a good place to live comment about the Phillies/Brewers game. Later on, we'll have a proper glog for the Cubs/Dodgers game.

CC Sabathia is ill tonight. His part will be played by the understudy, Dom Deluise.

This ump sucks.


wow... just wow... I can't believe this ump. So many strikes called as balls, and now the phillies just emptied the bases.


No questions asked, that was a huge hit for Victorino.

If we lose, I'm blaming Hart.

"Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart?

I must remind myself that it is early and there are many runs left to be scored. That being said, jumpdancefistpumphowl.

McClung is wearing spats, in remembrance of Philadelphia's waning influence in post-industrial America.

Dear Corey Hart,

Stop getting out so easily, you're a great outfielder, and were hitting awesomely earlier this season. Lets go back to the early hitting please.

On a different note, much credit to Brian Anderson for staying pretty much neutral despite being a Brewer's announcer.

God just messed with Cameron again.

He's just getting ready for the debate.

Honeynut and Clare will soon be having awkward victory sex.

Gov Sarah is a fembot. Watch out, Senator Joe! She'll shoot you with her jumblies!

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