Tonight's Questions

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Wally the Green Monster, in Robot Hell.

Hey kids, here must all distrust be left behind; all cowardice must be ended.

  • WILL Wally resurrect himself from the depths of the Inferno in time to help the Sox tie up the ALCS at two? Thanks to Dmac for photoshopping that gem.

  • CAN Tim Wakefield notch his 20th postseason victory against a team that ran him ragged during the regular season? It's his first start in the 2008 playoffs; let's see how well his knuckleball knuckles.

  • COULD Andy Sonnanstine's thirteen inning streak without giving up an earned run against the Red Sox continue? He's not really made of magic though: he gave up 20 runs against Boston in 20 innings last year.

  • DID you clear your social calendar tonight? We're liveglogging the game at 8:07PM EDT.

See ya later, pals.

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DID you clear your social calendar tonight

My date for the Fall Cotillion said she's washing her hair, so I guess I'm free.

Do one with Wally on the train tracks

WHY is Wally in Robot Hell?

WILL CTC finally lose it tonight?


I lost it in '03. I don't think you can lose it twice. But I will be Monsieur Grumpytaint if the Sox lose tonight.

I's almost go-time for the glog, right? I get so confused on the west coast.

I'm hear for the LiveGlog? Anyone?

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