Tonight's Questions

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penguinbaby.jpgHey kids, I have chest pains.

  • HOW would you feel if a pivotal moment in your life rested on the shoulders of someone named Chad? That's what the Dodgers are facing.

  • WILL we see more home run heroics tonight? This is the most tater totted postseason in recent memory. Someone check the pee.

  • WILL you join me for the glog of it all? At 9:30 I have that radio thing which I may also glog. It's gonna be wild, man. It's Liakosbaseballapalooza. Stop by at 8:20 for all the excitement.
See you folks a little later. You too, Penguin Baby.

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Chad Billingsley sounds like a name that comes from the Simpsons. He could easily become Max Power's new oldest and dearest friend.

The members of 311 rely on Chad Sexton every night on tour.

How do you think Jeremy felt on a nightly basis?

Check and mate. Bet my life savings on the Phillies. Any comparison to the doucherock stylings of 311 is nothing more than a kiss of death.

Wait, so you're going to liveglog your own live radio appearance? That's so meta I just shit myself.

meta boom, bitch

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