Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, ghetto kiwis.

  • WILL we get our first truly competitive World Series since 2002?

  • WHAT does Billy Beane have to do with tonight's game? Read this.

  • WHY do I want to punch Jonny Gomes so badly?

  • WHO are you rooting for?

  • WHAT braindead thing will Tim McCarver say tonight?

  • WILL Fox cameras show Joe Maddon as much as the TBS ones did? They were obsessed with that hipster doofus.

  • ARE you going to be back here with Rob for his Glog? It's at 8 PM sharp. Formal underwear required.

Enjoy the World Series, people. We're finally here.

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Joe Carter picture = sour grapes from one Walkoff Walk co-proprietor.

The seamstress didn't put the World Series patch on my Liveglog Blazer in time, so I'll just be draping myself in Wu-Wear this evening.


Joe Carter: One-half of the worst baseball broadcasting duo in history.

Joe Carter picture = sweet boner nectar from one Walkoff Walk weekend editor

GUYS GUYS GUYS! Buck and McCarver are on PTI; turn it on quick!

Sorry, Farty, my workplace doesn't have a tv. It only has, you know, work.

I have the luxury of working from home. With that luxury comes a paycheck that has one zero in it.

Neat article about the MLB logo and the guy who designed it:

(Don't think you need subscriber access for this one.)

I have the luxury of working from home.
You mean all this time you've been home and not once have you invited me over for a beer?!
I'm insulted.

Fuck. Everyone I know, goes away, in the end.

I bet Farthammer is an Au Pair.

I have had dirty, dirty experiences with au pairs in the past so I must insist you stop associating Fartie with au pairs in my mind.

I am a typical sales jerk, but am still considering teaching. I tutored all through High School and College and enjoyed it.

You tutored au pairs?

I wish. Those chicks are sexy.

I guess you could say that I tutored au pairs, in a way.

As soon as the Jim Lehrer NewsHour is done, the glog will start.

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