Tonight's Questions

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pumpkin baby.jpgHey kids, know a good witch doctor?

  • WILL we see another well pitched, low scoring, high excitement affair in Game 2?

  • OR will Brett Myers just try and throw it past every Ray he faces? That's a recipe for trouble, but he aint too bright.

  • DO you think him and Los Lonely Boys will trade punchin' techniques? (Don't worry that's not a link to a Los Lonely Boys song.)

  • DO you agree with James Shields that the Phillies are "more similar to our team, more than any other team in the playoffs?"

  • ARE you going to be here round 8 to join Tuffy for a tour de force glog experience? He always brings the good. Pumpkin Baby will be here if she can figure out a way to get out of that thing.
See you then. Same WoW channel.

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Only Pumpkin Baby's off-the-charts cuteness can get us through the four-minute suckfest that will be Los Lonely Boys singing the anthem.

Why, is your witch sick?

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