Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you are alone.

  • WHAT happened to the Rays? This team seemed way too good to drop four of five. We'll have to see if they can mend a broken will for the second time in as many series.

  • CAN Cole Hamels stay acey and wrap this thing up for the Philly side? Both he and Kazmir need to keep the ball from flying out of the yard like it's been doing.

  • YOU don't really think it's going to be this easy for the Phils, do you?

Join us back here for tonight's gloggatron (featuring the illustrious Rob Iracane! -Rob I.). It could be the last one you get all year. Make pico de gallo.

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"Make pico de gallo."
No food talk this late in the afternoon. ME HUNGRY

Caption: Tuesday night starter Cole Hamels celebrates teammate Joe Blanton's first professional home run during the Philadelphia Phillies' 10-2 win.

No questions asked, Mrs. Honeynut is at home making cakies as we speak. That's all I'm saying.


I made about one pound of incredible pico de gallo yesterday.

I am super excited for tonight. I'm gonna make a whole tub of vichyssoise.

Jesus. Someone get that kid some valium.

I forgot to thank Geoff Baker for that pic.

Thanks Geoff Baker for that pic.

That pic is actually from last season. The kid just ate two Schmitters and is signaling for help.

I'm going home and making chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese icing--does that count as a cakie?

Clare, only Farthammer can make that determination. He's sort of like a rabbi that way.

Sorry Clare. You need a ratio of cream cheese, butter, and pure unadulterated fat to square inch of actual food to be 2,890:1 in order to qualify as a cakie. Your cake sounds like it's only in the 1000:1 range.

Honeynut, let me know how things go with those. The first time you make them, it is easy to overcook them because those things will look raw but will firm up. If you cook them until they brown, then they will firm up too much and that's how people get hurt.

Phillas, tell me about House of Prime Rib.

This was a shitty work day. I am looking forward to tonight's glog.

Can we get the cakie recipe again? I need it to top off the gallon of gumbo I made.

1 bag yellow cake mix
1 bag chocolate chips
1 stick butter
1 brick cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg

Let butter and cheese get to room temp, then combine in a mixing bowl. Add egg and vanilla, combine. Then slowly add cake mix and chips. Combine thoroughly. Mixture will be thick, not unlike my johnson.

With a spoon, scoop onto a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray. Place in pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 8-12 minutes.

Like I said earlier, if a few peaks on the cookies have started to brown, pull out immediately. That's the longest you should cook them; just before they brown is ideal. Usually 9-10 minutes.

If the whole cookie turns brown in the oven, flush the cookies down the toilet and drink yourself into a stupor, because you have failed the cakie experiment.

The cakie will not look symmetrical or particularly attractive. The mix is too thick to get a perfectly round cookie. But they are mighty tasty.

P.S. - let cookies sit for 15-20 minutes after you pull out of the oven so they have time to firm up. If you try and move them right after you take them out, then they'll fall apart.

Grassy Ass (that's Hispanic for thank you).

Anyone who makes cakies tonight: I request a picture of your cakie for the glog. Thanks.

A quick version of Lloyd's lineup illuminations can be found here.

Let's just say I'm excited.

I can only assume that this is EXACTLY the type of discourse that Rob and CTC envisioned when they launched WoW.

Walkoff Walk

In which Rob Iracane and Kris "CTC" Liakos discuss the present state of baseball and the human convection oven.

I feel like a total homo for making vichyssoise now.

Farthammer, HOPR was prime rib-alicious. 10 guys, 11 bottles of wine, $90 per drunk. Drinks before. Drinks after. Weeee!!!
This was our primer for our Christmas boys-night-out where we wear suits and go to Harris's Steakhouse. And do pretty much the same but more cash goes out the door.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I think recipe advice could be the perfect subject to bridge the gap between the end of the Series and 2009 spring training.

Wahoo, what kind of gumbo did you make?

But did you get the English Cut and Creamed Spinach? And did you remember to not eat your whole salad like I always do because the dressing is so good but then you can't eat your main course?

yep and yep. ate all the salad 'cause yeah it's too good.
i did get the baked potato, to be healthy.

If you go back to February, the very first posts I did all had food-themed pictures. So really, I always wanted this to be a food blog.

From all of our friends here at WoW, I bid you good eating.

Yeah, the baked potato is very healthy. The sour cream and butter has calcium, and the bacon bits have protein.

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