Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, time's tide will smother you

  • WHO will be the first hitter in the bottom of the sixth? I'm guessing Matt Stairs, but it could just as well be Greg Dobbs.

  • WHICH bullpen will be more dominant tonight? The Rays have lefties David Price, Trever Miller, and J.P. Howell at the ready to neutralize Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. The Phillies will probably use Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge for nine outs.

  • HOW MANY players will wear those silly hats with the earflaps tonight? Comfort is one thing, but you look ridiculous, Jimmy Rollins.

  • ARE the Rays cursed because Rocco Baldelli is on the cover of S.I.? Actually, there's Carlos Ruiz, so maybe the whole darn World Series is cursed. Read Tom Verducci's piece.

  • IS your liveglog blazer wrinkled? Feel free to wear your casual liveglog polo shirt tonight.

Be here at 8:30PM EDT sharp. Be ready for history, one way or another.

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That's the fucking picture they came up with? Can we marry SI and ESPN off and send them on a permanent honeymoon?

I'm going with the Glog Polo, its only a partial game, so more casual wear is ok.

Which is why I won't be wearing pants.

Everyone else excited about the Knicks season opener?

Shit--I left my liveglog polo at Jeanne Bice's place. Gotta run...

I have to admit, I've been seriously considering buying an earflap Tigers cap to survive the harsh Chicago winter. But I'm not sure if the earflap cap is an improvement on the Polanco Tortoise.

I'd just placed an order for my Cardinals ushanka hat.

And the verdict is in... I WILL NOT have a ticket to the game tonight. I mean, fuck.

I suppose a smooth glass of Johnny Gold and the liveglog will be my flying companions tonight. And the wife and our dogs. But more importantly, scotch and glog.

More importantly, is anyone aware of the existence of THIS picture?

By "Johnny Gold" I am sure you mean "whatever scotch I can get for $7.99"

For a wedding presentI got a gift certificate to my favorite liquor store so I will be buying some J&B and some Windsor on my way home.

Does anyone know if cheap scotch improves when run through a Brita filter the way cheap vodka does?

Ordinarily, yes. I got the JWG as a gift and break it out for big occasions. Game 1 of the NLCS, Game 1 of the WS, and now the "Three Inning Debacle that MLB hopes nobody references after tonight."

Ok, so everybody can go ahead and NEVER EVER CLICK ON THAT LINK. What the hell?

That must be a big bottle of scotch if it can last more two sittings

Apparently the Chief's definition of "sweating meat today" is slightly different from what you thought it meant.

Oh, sorry, I thought you said "shrimp job" pics, my bad.

That's bad, but still not as bad an offense as spoiling "Survivor".

I'm certain I don't want to know what a shrimp job is.

Appropriate liveglog apparel? Check.

Wow, Chief. Just wow. I'm stunned.

That's better.

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