Twenty Years After Kirk Gibson, Dodgers Fans Have Misplaced Their Pride

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Get ready to feel old, those of you over the age of twenty-five (which, I think, is 99% of our readers): Kirk Gibson's dramatic walkoff ding-dong in Game One of the World Series happened twenty years ago today. That makes today an anniversary of sorts and Dodgers fans can celebrate it tonight at home in Chavez Ravine...maybe. They have to avoid losing to Phillies ace lefty Cole Hamels and they have to avoid continuously acting like assholes:

(T)he Dodgers faithful remain blue over a perceived rise in booze-fueled hooliganism, a problem that team spokesman Charles Steinberg conceded "is not solved."

"It is a high priority," Steinberg said Tuesday. "It breaks your heart when the smallest of numbers seem to ruin it for some people."

Phillies fans (yes, timid innocent Phillies fans!) have been harassed with verbal slings and arrows, along with the occasional tossed brewski. There have been multiple fights in the stands on both nights at Dodger Stadium, and this is actually an improvement:

During the 2005 baseball season, the LAPD reporting district that consists mostly of the stadium logged 104 serious crimes, such as assaults, robberies, vandalism and car thefts. That number dropped to fewer than 70 in 2006 and 2007, and was 21 at the start of the Dodgers-Phillies series.

Hey Los Angelenos: you have a reputation of being insouciant and tepid, showing up late and leaving early. Is the existence of In-N-Out Burger joints in your immediate area not enough to satisfy your urges? Does the Viper Club not allow you to let go of all your rock 'n' roll energy? Do you need to expel it all at the ballpark all of a sudden?

The Dodgers have a fan hotline (323-224-2611) this season that folks can call to anonymously report offenders in the stands. I'm going to call it tonight and report Dodgers season ticket holder Robert Wuhl for harassing us with all those awful years of "Arliss".

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Do you watch the Arliss program, Paul? Well...well he's Arliss.

Stay Classy, LA.

I'm going to call and report someone's odious taint is offending me.

If Ryan Seacrest escapes from all this unscathed, there truly is no God.

Dude, fuck this post.

I'm sorry I offended you in some way, Farthammer. Please don't report me to the Walkoff Walk Division of Offended Reader Care.

There's a complaint department? I want to talk to someone about my elephant.

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