Video Of Car Flipping Brings Back Surprisingly Not Horrible Memory

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WoW BFF Dmac brings us this compelling video of some gentle souls in Philly flipping what appears to be an '01 Civic (?) after last night's clincher.

Here's a fun Liakos story. In 2004, I was living in Tallahassee but came back to Boston for the World Series. I didn't go to any games, I just wanted to be in town. I watched the clinhcer at the Cask & Flagon (before it sucked) and it was crazy. I decided to take a cab back to Allston, which was a terrible move. I had to walk the opposite direction to Mass Ave, because Kenmore square was straight up closed. I got into a cab that was not moving because the streets were filled with people. Approximately 45 seconds after getting into the backseat the car began to rock, I braced myself and we flipped over. Thankfully my window was down. I crawled out, swung at some people and took off running down the street. I thought the car was going to explode because I had spent most of that summer playing Grand Theft Auto. Good times.

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And because he had to pay the owner of the taxi company for repairs to his car, the cab driver went broke and had to move back to his home country. (That's bad.)

In his home country, the former cab driver opened a Frogurt franchise. You get a free Frogurt if you're wearing a Boston cap. (That's good.)

The Frogurt contains potassium benzoate. (That's bad.)

The good people of Philadelphia display their fightin spirit, destroying the car of an unseen, fuel efficient sedan-driving fatcat during times of incredible financial upheaval. I'm sure the opulent bastards that drive Honda Civics had it coming to them, and can afford to up and buy brand new cars to commemorate the Phils World Series win.


Allston? Sunset Grill represent! Been tossed out of there before.

I had spent most of that summer playing Grand Theft Auto. Good times.

What're you, Simmons?

Richard Simmons?


Lionel Simmons. The L-Train was quite a gamer, except not on a basketball court. (That's bad, for the Kings).

Ok, I now this is a baseball blog, but honestly, look at the 1990 NBA draft. I defy you to find more than 2 legit players in that pile of shit. And no, dunk champs don't count. Neither does Kendall fucking Gill.

Sorry, back to more discussion about the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Dennis Scott was a good shooter.

You come onto my website and besmirch the name of Dwayne Schintzius? Fie! Fie!

Thanks to FreeDarko's book, I see your 1990 draft and raise you one decade later.

I guess I meant a guy who was memorably good, like someone who left an legitimate mark on the game. GP certainly qualifies, and to a lesser extent, Coleman. But after that? Role players. And not like Rodman or Mutombo or Tayshaun Prince role players either.

1990 - year of the Ham'N'Egger.

@ Honeynut
Jayson Williams was a good shooter, except not on the basketball court. (That's bad, for his driver).

Kendall Gill was a player, he and Eldon Campbell had long careers.

If you want to turn this into a basketball blog on the weekends, I'll play along

If you want to turn this into a basketball blog on the weekends, I'll play along


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