Walkoff Walk Commenter Liveglogs Philly Victory Parade

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Walkoff Walk commenter and gadabout Honeynut Ichiros is on the scene in Philadelphia today for the big Phillies victory parade and graciously offered to liveglog it for us. Of course, his shitty Blackberry spewed out every single update in one fell swoop to my email box, so it's less of a liveglog and more of a data dump. Enjoy!

12:26: Through much squeezing and pushing, I have now worked my way to the front of the crowd. The air is thick with joy and PBR. Teens are passing brown-bagged spirits around like homeless at a bonfire. And it's unsasonably warm, like the snow that fell in Princeton on Tuesday never happened.
1232: The twenty year olds behind me are seeing who can pound their beers the fastest. The current chant is "loser blows the winner." No girls are involved.
1240: Woooo! The parade is coming! Screeeeeeaaaaaaaam!
1245: the first cars came by to raucous applause. Just some tow trucks. Hope nobodys parked in a loading zone.
1246: Anything that moves gets a yell from the crowd. A Snack truck for the cops passed by, handing out sodas for the boys in blue, and its as if Hamels himself is driving.
1250: 50 cops on bikes just rolled by. Parking enforcement?
1251: A ghetto bird flys overheaf. Today WAS a good day.
1256: Woooo. First bus is passing us. Who's on it?. Oh, some old guys who work for WYSP. That makes sense.
1257: A passing reporter just got a show your tits chant. Didn't work. I think she was tempted, though.
1259 ITS Pat the Bat! On an old horse-drawn fire truck! ANd he brought his bulldog. Oooooh and awwwww.
101- a float with a bunch of Phillies ballgirls comes by. More show your tits. Nope, these gals are on the clock.
102 mayor michael nutter and the trophy come past. Some short girl just envied my stature (I'm 6'4"). Practice practice practice.
102: Greg Dobbs and Jaime Moyer! The stars are out tonight!
103 - Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are on the same float! Tastycakes and Subway, envision the synergy!
105- Holy shit! Jayson Werth was drinking an original Coors. Fuckin a. Almost makes up for the skidmark on your chinny chin chin.
107: J Roll is a bit subdued, dude. I expect more out of the sparkplug.
108 aaaaaand that's all she wrote. Ten minutes of bliss, I suppose. How rad. I never saw Cole Hamels or Victorino, tho. There were only 3 floats with players on them. He must have been on the other side. All I got was crummy old Geoff Jenkins.
125 working my way thru the crowd, walking against traffic on Broad St. Just got my 10th whiff of weed. If this city is gonna burn, it gonna smell sticky sweet.

Thanks, Honeynut! (picture stolen from Philly.com)

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Some short girl just envied my stature (I'm 6'4").

If there's a WoW pants party soon, you and I will intimidate the shit outta people.

Unless you're also white with glasses, like me, in which case people will just go "Look at those tall dorky brothers."

I mean, what the fuck is "GSM?" I need "EDGE" to send data? Screw you American Telephone and Telegraph. Morse code would have worked better.

Typing on a blackberry is a throng of people is hard. I don't know how Stephen A. did it.

Pics will follow shortly.

Did Geoff Jenkins show his tits?

I'm wearing my shrimp shirt on the beach and we just got filmed for some documentary

I am 6'3" but I am not dorky looking at all, I am good looking, at least that's what my Mom tells me

Needs more white guys singing doo wop around a trashcan fire.

@matt: Obscure Sportsblog T-Shirts: From the WoW shrimp to Portis Pockets Straight.

Whenever I'm in a rowdy crowd I like to scream "Let's bust this place up!" then break something and see what happens. Give it a shot.

ah! i too was on the ryan/chase side and missed victorino and hamels.

and agreed 100% on the subdued jroll.

So here are those photos I promised. It's amateur hour with the Canon, so my apologies.

Jroll is from The East Yay. It is no coincidence you smelled weed ten times and he seemed subdued.

Some Phillies threw confetti, some threw "P"-shaped pretzels, and Rollins inundated the crowd with NORML propaganda.

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