Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, do whatever you have to do to survive.

  • IF the Red Sox win tonight, are the Angels done? Beckett pitches back at Fenway Sunday night and is said to be feeling good.

  • WILL the Cubs or the Brewers win a single playoff game for their division?

  • ARE the Rays ever going to be out of their depth or will they just keep chugging along?

  • HOW could the two people in that picture possibly be related to Rob? They're too good looking.

  • DO you have enough beer, chips and dip to last through the weekend's slate of games?

So here's our schedule for the weekend: we don't have one. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll have individual discussion threads for each game, and maybe even some glogging. We're playing it by ear for the rest of the divisional round, so keep checking back with us over the next couple days. Lloyd is piloting the ship per usual, but you never know who'll show up. It's the holidays.

I'm in NYC for the weekend, watching the Red Sox in bars that will be blissfully free of success drunk Yanks fans and hopefully any kind of Mets fans whatsoever. You all take good care and we'll see you on Monday.

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I'll be at Prof. Thom's tonight. Let's have a WoW Pants Party.

Kazmir has given up a shitload of homers recently and he's facing the Home Run Champs of the season, shirley a perfect game for Kaz then (If he can throw less than 400 pitches in 5 innings)

Little Britain USA is awful isn't it? Has it been shown yet? Craaaazy bad.

Unless the baby's garbed in fish-wear, I don't wanna see it.
(Cute kid though)

If anyone here does not have the compilation Pimps, Players and Private Eyes you should stop whatever you are doing and buy it now. Unless you're flying a plane or something.



I'd have to get to Prof. Thom's like now to have a seat at that place. I'll be up in Astoria getting my obscure on. Send an email if interested.

Astoria? Getting in touch with the roots, CTC?

I watched Little Britain USA and i thought to myself, "Self, how is this the most popular show in England?"

Little Britain proper was funny for maybe one episode. Then they just repeated the same characters into submission.


According to the Greek Embassy, every night I get drunk in Astoria is one less day I have to hang out with my Grandmother.

It's science.

Luckily Rob, it went downhill quickly after the first episode. Flight of The Conchords is better.

It's infallible!

Sacks packed with Sox, oh yeah.

I heart Rocco, riding his blazing mitochondria all the way from first.

I'd also like to apologize to all Sox fans for not pitching better tonight

Bases loaded walk by the BoSox. 5-4 sox right now.

tied game.

where's the YOOOUUUK sign?

Every Cy Young vote for K-Rod ensures a terrorist gets his explosive-laden wings.

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