Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, try a frozen peach.

  • IS Tampa's will broken after last night? I tend to believe athletes when they say they take things one game at a time, so I'm not putting too much stock into a game 6 hangover.

  • WILL either Josh Beckett or James Shields propel their team into the playoffs with a marquee start?

  • IF that game is as exciting as last night, will I have any clean undershorts to wear to Sunday School?

  • WHERE did JD Drew go to college? I can't remember.

  • DO you hate it when I'm a homer? I don't give a hoot. Go Sox.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy Game 6. I refuse to project out further than that. Lloyd has you all day Saturday and Sunday, resting only so the whip smart Sooze can glog you through tomorrow night's festivities. Are you gonna love it? Yes you are.

No baseball tonight. Go see W. I probably won't get a chance till Sunday so don't tell me how it is. Thanks for a great week. See ya!

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Wait, the playoffs haven't started yet? Man I've gotta stop smoking PCP.

That pic makes some of the guys in the dawg pound seem sexy in comparison.

Will Walkoff Walk sue Simmons for adopting the "Ron Darling as James Woods" meme...



Yeah, that's the first thing I thought when I read Simmons' piece today.

Not trying to be cool or anything (that just comes naturally), but I haven't read Simmons in almost a year. Did he make the call that Woods sounds like Darling without giving proper credit?

Will Walkoff Walk sue Simmons

Sue Simmons? What does she have to do with it?

@Fartie - He said that Darling sounded like a cross between Gene Simmons and James Woods, and that was it. No credit, no nada.

The best part was that his dad stopped watching the game and turned to ER. He should be hit by lightning.

Does he still light himself on fire?

Every time he references Karate Kid.

Pretty amazing quote from Simmons' column today...

[Jason] Bay is like the dutiful, pretty second wife who does everything right...and yet, I can't stop thinking about the soul-wrenching tramp who married me first and broke my heart.

What Simmons neglects to include in that analogy is that his own first wife is somehow a more entertaining writer than he is.

Its good to see Matt Damon finally letting himself go

Ay any of you northeasterners know about Shipyard IPA? I just bought some and am chilling them as we speak.

I know that you probably enjoyed it. Give it up though, summer is over.

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