Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, can I ask you about today?

  • WILL Matt Garza continue pitching like he's never ever going to pitch for the rest of his career? His curveball had almost comical movement in two games against the Red Sox and he was nearly untouchable. If he stays focused and keeps mistakes at a minimum tomorrow the Phillies could be in for a long night.

  • HOW will the elimination of the DH affect the Rays?

  • HOW will the elimination of cowbells affect your enjoyment of the game?

  • DO you think this kid reads Walkoff Walk?

For all of your daytime news and views, you know who's taking care of you. Weekend Editor Lloyd the Barber gets off his lawnchair and puts down the Labatt's long enough to regale you with all the baseball goings on. Stop by. He's working straight through and (weather permitting) doing tomorrow night's glog. I'll be back to see you for Sunday night's edition. Till then, have a good weekend, people.

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I'm confused, can Lloyd see the U.S. border from his porch or can he see Russia?

I can almost see Buffalo, which is a little of both.

they just showed Joe Maddons sister and she also has emo glasses. She's a fox.


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