Willie Randolph Is Suddenly a Hot Commodity

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Despite the strain on the national economy and the massive job losses across the board, there's one profession that's always in demand: recycled Major League manager! (also, plumbers named Joe) Baseball teams are falling all over themselves trying to hire the latest and greatest big name on the free agent market: former Mets manager Willie Randolph. Both the illustrious New York Yankees and lowly Washington Nationals have expressed interest in hiring Randolph, with just one minor detail: they don't want him to actually manage the team:

The Nationals are seriously interested in hiring Willie Randolph as a bench coach, according to baseball sources. The news about Washington's interest in Randolph was first reported by Newsday in New York. It's not known if Randolph will take the job.


The Yankees need a third-base coach, and Willie Randolph needs a job. So there is a chance the former Mets manager might return to The Bronx. In a move that shows the honeymoon between Joe Girardi and the Yankees is officially over, Bobby Meacham, a close friend of Girardi's, is out as third-base coach, a move that was announced yesterday.

We've had fun defending Willie Randolph in the past. He just seems like a good guy and was pretty much ran out of Queens as the scapegoat for an underachieving Mets team. Still, it seems that teams just want to have him around as a lucky charm on the bench or the baselines and not actually in charge of stuff.

So where will he end up? Bench coach of the Nats? Third base guy for the Yanks? Intern for Walkoff Walk? Wait and see, but we have an excellent 401(k) plan here.

(Also, the Brewers are inna-rested)

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Now that meacham is gone all the Yankees problems are solved.

Let's not forget this whole chain of events was set off be the untimely hot air balloon death of Mike Hargrove.

The amazing thing was how much time Hargrove took to die.

Go to the Nats and get booed everytime the team plays the Mets or go to the Yanks where you're still loved.

Tough choice.

I bet Willie's photoshops would be at least 38% less creepy than Darren's.

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