Winter Questions

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Hey kids, here comes the sun.

  • WHAT will your favorite team do to improve for next year? Mine needs a catcher.

  • WILL the Phillies repeat next year? I guess any champion has a chance, except for the Marlins.

  • DO you wanna meet me at Rockefeller Center so we can watch Midwestern tourists bust ass on that skating rink?

  • MITTENS or gloves?

  • ARE you already pumped for the World Baseball Classic? I'm not!

  • WHO caters the Winter GM Meetings?


Don't worry about that last one. We'll have brand new original stuff every day, all winter. It'll still be a lot of baseball and a little bit of the human condition. We started this thing in February so we have some experience with writing when there are no games. How do you think we discovered that In-N-Out bullshit?

So stop by tomorrow. Same WoW time, same WoW channel. See ya later, '08 season!

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Any team with the Bulldog has a chance of repeating.

A buddy of mine, when he was in college, used to engage in the "Bulldog" with his cronies at the local bar. They'd get all tanked up, and one of them would be convinced to get on the bar, tuck his naughty bits between his legs, and bend over with his ass towards the patrons, all whilst doing his lowest-toned woof.

I may need new friends.

My favorite team is going to trade for a mediocre 1B/DH, because we only already have four on the 40 man roster. But I'm going to make snow angels and go on sleigh rides all winter long!

Jeff Kent does not approve.

Selig wants to contract that picture and redistribute the empty seats to the new Yankees and Mets stadiums.

My team needs to not overpay for pitchers who pitched way over their career averages.

What? Too late?


My team needs Jake Peavy and AJ Burnett

And an OF that hits for power

Cole Hamels will read tonight's Top Ten on Letterman.

Philly to New York back to Philly, all in one day? Somebody is banking some serious Amtrak Rewards.

The Bulldog needs to be done at my buddy's wedding Saturday.

Wash your ass. Especially if you're going as Farthammer.

I'm on that Rockerfeller Center idea.

As an adjunct, I say we also cruise by Roc-a-Fella Records to see who has a sweeter beard: me or Freeway.

Hamels will be on Letterman tonight? I'm setting the Tivo now.


If you stare at that picture for long enough, it becomes depressing on at least a couple of levels. Good thing Honeynut's story made me cough from laughter--all is better.

Your team can have AJ Burnett matt. He's good (approaching great) but you can cut the check if you feel the need.

My team needs.....a shortstop and a DH.

I'm like human Paxil.

I bet that the topic for tonight's Top Ten will be "Ten Reasons Phillies' Management Will Give for Not Paying Hamels Enough Money Before Finally Capitulating and Giving Him the Enormous Contract that He Deserves."


My team needs a starting pitcher, a first baseman, a center fielder, and four more years of Carl Pavano.

My team needs 9 hitters, a few pitchers, a new stadium, and a gag on its GM so he can't make any trades or sign any extensions for one whole season to see how it works out.

Other than that we are cool.

My team needs to learn the "elbow elbow wrist wrist" wave for their parade tomorrow.

My team needs a center fielder, a third baseman, maybe a second baseman, and maybe a starting pitcher, hopefully we'll be a pretty strong contender again this upcoming year.

also: i'm new here... gotta have somewhere to talk baseball during the off-season, hopefully this will be the place!

Welcome, late night Chris!

How do you think we discovered that In-N-Out bullshit?

I'm guessing Dad sat you down and explained it to you?

My team needs Pronk to get healthy, Matt LaPorta to live up to expectations, Cliff Lee to stay consistent, and a closer. Other than that we're right in it.

By "Pronk to get healthy," you mean he needs to start taking his "supplements" again.

If it gets us a pennant I'll stick the needle in his ass myself.


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